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My intended majors...yes, all three of them

Even though, as of right now, I am solely blogging as an assignment for a course I am taking, I will try to make this entry at least somewhat interesting. First of all, let me entertain you with some of the my more basic information. I am an incoming freshman here at the University attending the Carlson School of Management. I am planning on triple majoring in accounting, entrepreneurial business, and kinesiology. Usually when I inform someone whom I have just met of my majors--and I do this often seeing how it is probably the second most commonly asked question behind "where are you from?"--I am usually met with a response of "wow, you are going to be busy" or "kines... what?".
I understand that a triple major may be one of the more demanding tasks to take on, however, especially this early in my college experience I just don't want to rule out any possibilities. Well, I have to get going to work on an assignment. Perhaps I will continue with this blog thing and write more later.