September 18, 2005

Personal Information and Goals

My name is Jennifer Morris. I am a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Agricultural Education: Leadership, Training, and Development. Currently I have two jobs, neither of which relate to my major. However, one of the jobs (working at the Community Child Care Center on the St. Paul Campus) relates to one of my future goals.

I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, but grew up in Columbus, MS until the age of nine. I attended the Chicago High School for Agricutural Science, increased my interest in agriculture, and decided that I would major in Agricultural Education. Growing up I can remember always wanting to deal with food, children, animals, or interpreting. Specifically, I wanted to major in Food Science or Family Social Science (working with adoption agencies), become a veternarian, or a Sign Language Interpreter.....not even close to my major! However with my major, there are opportunities to work with children, food, animals, and interpreting, just not in the manner that I envisioned.

Some of my interests include: going to the movies, singing, dancing, braiding hair, surfing the internet, adoption, going to Target:), learning sign language, playing with the children at my job, learning how to increase my leadership abilities, finding easier ways to complete and organize tasks, coming up with new ideas for businesses, arts and crafts and entreprenuership.

My short term goals include: finishing my undergraduate program in Agricultural Education in December 2005, finding a job or career that best suites my interests and goals (working at Nabisco, Kraft, or a major food corporation, daycare, or one of the areas aforementioned), enroll in Graduate school (Elementary Education and Business Administration), take additional sign language and entreprenuership classes, renew my first responder and first aide certificate and find a larger apartment or house.

My long term goals include starting my own day/night care (which which will also have afterschool programs for older children and a store where the children are able to sale the fruits and vegetables that we grow) and open a bookstore.

As far as my expections for the class, I look forward to hearing the different ways to effectively communicate with others and improve my leadership abilities. I am generally quiet if I feel like I don't fit into a group. I hope this class will help me to increase my leadership abilities and possibly overcome this obstacle.

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