September 26, 2005

Fujishin's Inventory

Fujishin’s Inventory

What did you learn about yourself by completing the inventories in Fujishin’s Chapter 2?

In chapter 2, Fujishin tries to get the individual to discover who they are really are. He begins the chapter by focusing on the individual and informing them of the importance of setting aside time for themselves. As I stated in class, at my job, we usually follow this idea. I work at a daycare where we try to instill in the children that it is important to have time to themselves in order to regroup and refocus on the subject at hand. I think that it is a very good idea to take time and think about things. As Fujishin states in the book, spending time alone can help you to discover who you are and help you to better interact with others.

Inventory 1 – I am…

All of my responses to this statement were adjectives describing my characteristics. To me this means that I think about myself in a positive manner.

I am sensitive
I am compassionate
I am kind
I am respectful
I am loyal

Inventory 2 – I Believe…

Many of my beliefs include what I feel are important for everyone to live create live in a peaceful environment.

I believe in God (people do not all have the same belief but rather believe that there is a reason that you are here on this earth)
I believe that I will accomplish my goals in life
I believe that you should respect others’ differences
I believe that people should be able to love whom ever they want
I believe that love is powerful

Inventory 3 – Six months to live…

I learned that I enjoy being around people and that the most important thing to me in life is family.

I would spend time with my family & partner

Inventory 4 – Communication Behaviors

Not only did I complete this exercise, but I also had someone else complete this exercise about me as well. What I decided is that, I pretty much view myself as others do. I am positive and sensitive to others needs. However, I do not like sharing my needs as much but I am willing to share my needs.

I speak in a pleasant tone of voice – 5
I speak at an adequate rate (speed) of speech – 4
I speak without verbal fillers (“um,” “like,” etc) – 4
I have a relaxed posture when speaking – 4
I use expressive gestures when speaking – 4
I smile when I speak to others – 4
I make eye contact when speaking to others – 5
I often nod my head in agreement when listening – 3
I share my opinions with acquaintances/associates – 4
I share my opinions with close friends – 5
I share my feelings with acquaintances/associates – 4
I share my needs with close friends – 5
I share my needs with acquaintances/associates – 4
I am comfortable when I disagree with others – 5
I can disagree without disliking others – 5
I can verbally admit I am wrong – 5
I can ask for forgiveness when I have hurt others – 5
I make others feel good about themselves – 5
I am optimistic and positive in my interactions - 5

Inventory 5 – You’re not Perfect

As it states in the title of the inventory, I am not perfect. I think this is a perfect concept to live by because it helps me to understand that if I make mistakes, so do other people. I feel that if everyone realized that no one is perfect, there would me more love in the world today. If more people believed in this concept, more people would be willing to forgive and forget. This inventory also made me think of things that I need to work on to better communicate with others.

Stand up more for what myself
Be more open with others
Become more trusting
Share my opinion more often
Not shut down when I am outside of my comfort zone

Inventory 6 – Your Thanksgiving List

This was the most difficult inventory because most of all I am thankful for just being alive but I think that by answering this question, I am better able to see the big picture. I can see that I have things that others do not and that I should be thankful no matter how big or small I feel something is to me, especially when there are people who have nothing.

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