September 26, 2005

An Effective Team

Define the characteristics of an effective team in your field?

It is important to realize that most of the characteristics of an effective team will fit almost any field. I think that of all the characteristics needed to have an effective team, taking on responsibility for the entire team may be the most important characteristic. If I am working in a large corporation where we work as a team, it is important to realize that the profit of that company depends on everyone. Singling out people and not taking on the responsibility as a team could cause not only the team, but also the failure of the business. As a team, I think it is important to stand on common grounds and have similar beliefs as it relates to what you are defending. A team should know their purpose, have direction, and set goals. An effective team is open to new ideas, willing to share new ideas, and devote their time and hard work to accomplish all goals. It is important to give positive feedback and recognition as necessary. An effective team shares the leadership role and the task of making decisions. Overall, I feel that an effective team should also have flexibility, high level of productivity, and effective communication.

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