September 29, 2005

Personal Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To be kind, honest, and hardworking while allowing my positivity to show whenever I am encountered by others. To effectively lead others and assist in their adcancement and future sucess. To draw out the highest level of creativity among my employees and strive to educate the children of our furture. With inspiration and belief in a higher being, I know that it is possible to overcome all obstacles and fears. Through this mission statement I will strive to create the best working environment for others by using my knowlegde, skills, networking and other resources to accomplish my goals.

Was it easy to develop? What does it mean mean in regards to my future plans and/or my future?

In this case, my mission statement relates to the development of my own business and how I see myself with my employees and children. As mentioned in my last blog, I want to start my own daycare. I believe that creating my mission statement was relativily easy because I know what I want to do in the future. With some people, I think that creating a mission statement may be difficult because they do not know what they want in life or have not discovered who they really are.

I think that it is important to have a mission statement because it can be used to give yourself direction. By creating a mission statement that is specific could possibly aid in understanding where you are and maybe even help you to decide if you are where you think you should be in life.

What does it mean in regards to my role in a team?

Okay, so this is another reason why I decided to be specific. By creating a general misison statement, it is easy to come up with adjectives describing yourself and your work ethics. However, I feel that there needs to be more information that can be used to determine how you will actually accomplish your mission statement. Mission statements can change as you grow older or get into a field where you decide that you are actually not interested anymore.

As it relates to a team, I find myself to be a leader in cases where I start other words, when I have an idea or some type of creation where I want others to follow, I tend to lead. I think that my mission statement directly relates to how where I see myself in the future and how I see my self managing a team. Being responsible, people and task oriented, I believe that I will be successful in the future.

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