November 10, 2005


What did you learn about virtual teams and/or working with breeze?

Today's society has become bombarded with technological advances. From video games to hybrid cars, the world is full of so many different types of technology. The purpose of these new inventions… make life easier. Don't get me wrong, I like things that make life easier. My apartment is full of gadgets that I thought would be useful but may be off in the corner sitting in a box (not ever to be used again).

I love computers. I even taught adults and children how to use computers at the library one summer. That doesn't mean that navigating through software and finding information on the internet (for that paper that may be due the next day!) is always that simple. To get to the point, technology can be very difficult and I found that this is especially true when you don't know how to operate the devise, or you just do not have enough equipment to get the ball rollin'.

I finally get onto the Breeze program (30-45 minutes after my team has already left) and low and behold I can't get into the chat room. Well, I discovered that it wasn't my fault and that the computer that I was working on did not have the program needed to run this operation in Breeze. I felt so bad about it but what could I do? I tried emailing everyone to set up a new time to meet, but no response. We were able to talk in class about the assignment so I don't think the group was as motivated to try to get onto the Breeze program again.

Forming virtual groups can have its "up and downs." Well, if you are working on the computer in your home (or apartment), you can just get up and start talking online without getting out of your pjs. Unless of course your computer breaks down and you have to go out in the pouring rain to find another computer to talk online! Good thing this didn't happen to me...well the pouring rain part at least. I was having a bad week anyways so I wasn't too surprised. Back to the point. Virtual groups can be extremely beneficial if you have an international team member. It saves you money from having to call internationally and it also saves money from not having to fly all the way to their destination. You can however, fall into the trap of many people when working on the computer…. you get side tracked (playing games, answering the house/cell phone, or cats rubbing at your feet wanting some attention). You could always lock yourself away in your office or private space and conduct business, but you have to be focused to get things accomplished.

Overall, I learned that there are a lot of pros and cons to having a virtual group. You just have to be in the right frame of mind to make sure that things get done. As far as the future, I am sure that I will encounter having to work with group members via breeze (or a similar program). Someday, if I work for a huge corporation, I am sure that I will remain in contact with people in various areas of the world. Having virtual groups or online connection with people so far away, will save on telephone bills and is more convenient.

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