Contents of The Minnesota Response




List of Tables   xiii


Foreword by Michael V. Martin   xv


Preface   xvii


Acknowledgements   xxi




1.      Extension's Money and Mission Crisis   3

The Money Crisis

The Mission Crisis

Extension Program Participation

Doing More With Less


2.       Regional Specialization: A Solution?   15

Why Specialization?

Trends Affecting Specialization

Advantages of Extension Educator Specialization

Disadvantages of Specialization

History of Extension Field Specialization

Specialization Requires Regionalization





3.      Minnesota's Regional/County Model   47

Questions, Questions, Questions

New Minnesota Regional/County Model

Regional/County vs. County Cluster Models

Benefits of the Minnesota Model

Risks of the Minnesota Model

The Design Process for New Model

Summary and Future Research


4.      External Relations   71

The Case for an External Relations Strategy

Roles and Responsibilities to Make it Happen

Stakeholders:  Who They Were and Why They Mattered

Managing External Relations through Internal Relations

Media Relations:  A Means to an End

Timelines, Transparency, Tactics, and Tools

Summary and Future Research


5.      Specialized Extension Educators   95

Definition of Specialization

Survey of Regional Extension Educators

Defining Features of Minnesota Regional Educators

Conclusions and Future Research


6.      Benefits and Costs for Counties   119

Benefits for County Governments

Costs to Counties

Changes in Extension Positions

Number and Variety of Local Positions

Promoting Local Positions

Speed Bumps with Local Positions

Conclusions and Future Research


7.      Extension Program Business Plans   139

Program Business Plans: What Happened?

Why Program "Business" Plans?

Implementation Challenges

Case Studies on Program Business Plans

Survey Results on Business Plans

Conclusions and Future Research


8.      Regional Support Systems   167

Distance Education Systems

Telephone Answering Lines

Online Program Registration

Selling Publications and Products

Needs Assessment and Market Research

Tracking Program Participation

Grants for New Program Initiatives

Training for Specialized Regional Educators

Conclusions and Future Research


9.      Scholarship and Promotion Policies   193

Core Values and Promotion

Scholarship in Extension

Revising Minnesota's Promotion System

Minnesota's Promotion Policy

Conclusions and Future Research




10.   Program Quality Results   219

Definitions of Quality

Regional Program Quality Indicators

The "Best Program" Quality Definition

Initial Results for Minnesota

Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts

Specialization's Impact on Evaluation

Conclusions and Future Research


11.   Scholarship Results   251

Educator/Faculty Scholarship Collaboration

Changes in Regional Educators' Scholarship

Conclusions and Future Research


12.    Access to Extension   269

Access to Extension Staff as Civic Leaders

Geographic Access to Specialists

Access to Extension Programs

Access to Information

Access by Diverse Audiences

Conclusions and Future Research


13.   Public Support Results   281

Media Coverage and Legislative Hearings

National Trends in Funding

Public Funding of Minnesota Extension 

Alternative Revenues in Minnesota Model

Regionalization's Impact on Future Restructuring

Conclusions and Future Research


14.   And In My State?   297

Is the Minnesota Model Working?

Would this Work in My State?

Next Steps? 

A Final Word of Optimism


Appendix A. Cooperative Extension Service Overview   309

Appendix B. Labels for Minnesota Extension Positions/Structures  314

Appendix C. Leadership for Minnesota Regional/County Model   317

Appendix D. Program Business Plan Outline   327

Appendix E. Business Plan for Retail Analysis & Development   330

Glossary   363

References   371

Index   393

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