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All Welcome: Non-economists and Economists

The Economics in Cooperative Extension Blog is aimed at sharing economic concepts and ideas on the organization and delivery of outreach programs through the Cooperative Extension System. 

This blog isn't just for economists, however.  I will translate any jargon when my colleagues get too enthusiastic with some jargon.  If I miss something that needs translation, let me know.   

There have been several journal articles suggesting economic concepts which might help Extension become more efficient and more effective such as:

  • comparative advantage
  • specialization
  • economies of scale and scope
  • consumer soveregnty
  • free riders
  • club theory
  • program business plans
  • public value and private value
  • benefit-cost analysis

Blog readers are encouraged to offer comments on research or on the good, bad, and the ulgy of the practical application of these economic concepts to outreach education in the Cooperative Extension Service. 

The blog is maintained by George Morse, professor emeritus, Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota.   He can be reached at


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