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Exchanging Ideas and Comments:  The primary purpose of this blog is to stimulate discussion among Extension stakeholders on ways to improve Extension using economic concepts. 


There are several ways to encourage this discussion, including: 1) traditional unrestricted comments, 2) sharing published articles, and 3) encouraging focused questions and comments. 


After reviewing a number of blogs, I have decided against the first approach because often those making comments do not provide enough context for the reader to evaluate the debate.  Other blogs have so many irrelevant comments that the time required to distill useful information is too high.


As a result, I have decided to use the last two approaches.  First, I will share published articles on aspects related to economics in Extension.  Second, I welcome questions or comments sent directly to me.  I will use them on the blog when relevant to a posting.  


Please alert me of any articles which I should post and send your comments and questios to me at


Naturally, my early posts are about "The Minnesota Response: Cooperative Extension's Money and Mission Crisis."  But shortly, I will add the articles on other aspects of economics in Cooperative Extension.


For those unhappy with my blog and my comment policy, I encourage you to discuss the specific in journal articles.  It will be seen by many more people and help your career much more than a comment on my blog.


Have a great day! 


George Morse



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