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Here is what readers are saying about "The Minnesota Response".....


"As land-grant universities seek to rebuild programs based on "best practices," this book contributes valuable, experienced-based insights into the choices available as Extension programs continue to evolve and respond. The Minnesota model as presented here should prove informative to many others." Michael V. Martin, Ph.D. Chancellor of Louisiana State University and Cooperative Extension's 2007 Justin Smith Morrill Memorial Award winner.


"This is important work at a critical time for land-grant universities and 
cooperative extension services. George Morse chose to release the information 
about Minnesota's response to the crises they face quickly through iUniverse 
rather than through the slow process of a university press...This book is timely,
 carefully researched, and well written." Cornelia Butler Flora, Ph.D. Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University, in Rural Sociology, 75 (2), June 2010. Available as an ejournal through most university libraries. 
"We always hear about the "teachable moment." George Morse's book 
The Minnesota Response is released at the "Extension moment." Most states 
are currently experiencing a severe money crisis and are or will be facing the 
crisis Minnesota Extension faced in 2004. In my opinion, this is a must read 
for all extension workers in states facing a budget crisis and/or
considering restructuring." Gerald Doeksen, Regents Professor, Oklahoma State University

"Morse's book is very interesting and well-crafted. I haven't read the whole

thing cover to cover, but my copy is getting quite dog-eared." Robert Sams, Director and Chief Information Officer, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

"I'm quite impressed by the thought that went into the changes you've made,
and equally impressed (and thankful) that you took the time to document
your lessons." Timothy W. Kelsey, Ph.D., State Program Leader, Economic & 
Community Development, and Professor of Agricultural Economics, Penn State 

"I've been using your book with my students and in Extension work here at

Virginia Tech. Thank you documenting some important insights about the

changing nature of Extension." Nancy K. Franz, Ph.D., Professor, Extension Specialist Program Development, Virginia Tech


"I really enjoy your book and the questions you ask about our entire 
extension system." William C. Kleiner, Regional Director - Southeast Region, 
Penn State Cooperative Extension
"We are reading with interest your recent book on Minnesota's Cooperative 
Extension system." Karl Pillemer, Ph.D., Hazel E. Reed Professor of Human 
Development, Cornell University, Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach, 
College of Human Ecology

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