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Philosophy & Ground Rules: Short-Course


1.      Every state can learn from the experience, successes, and mistakes of experiments in regionalization and specialization in other states.


2.      However, the instructor will not advocate the adoption of the regional systems used in any state since the context (history, resources, politics, etc.) in other states vary so widely that each state needs its own unique system.


3.      In order to use the "Force Field Analysis" to build a consensus on a new model for your state, participants should not declare their intention to adopt or promote a particular type of regional system.  Rather, each participant should focus on the pros and cons of each type at least through the completion of session three.  It is best if no one, including fellow teammates knows whether you favor or disfavor a particular delivery system until after the completion of the third session.  (Best of all, you should wait to decide until after the FFA is complete.) The force field analysis sessions will facilitate a thorough discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each aspect of a system and ways to create your own unique system for your state.


4.      Learning is not a spectator sport.  While there will be no quizzes or tests in this short course, the participants will get much more out of the course if they read the suggested readings.  Care has been put into the selection of the readings to keep the time required reasonable. 


5.      Discussion will make up a portion of all three sessions.  The first session has several powerpoint presentations followed by group discussion.  The second session is a work session done by each of the individual teams.  The third session has a series of reports by the teams with questions and suggestions added by the instructor. 



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