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FAQs on Short-Course Options

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1. What are the options for the short-course?

You can participate in three different ways in the short-course: "Exploring Specialization and Regionalization in Extension."  These are:


 #1: Basic Online Option:  Up to five state teams can participate.

#2: Customized Online Option: Includes only individuals from one state,

#3: Customized Onsite Option: Includes only individuals from one state.


2. Do all three options have the same goals?

Yes.  Although the curriculum is idential for all three options, the mode of delivery of the course differs.  

While participants in all three options will learn about the features of four states which have adopted regional models, those selecting the basic option will also hear from their colleagues in other states as they evaluate the pros and cons of alternative models. 


3.  Why would any state prefer the Customized Options?

Some states will prefer the customized option for three reasons: 

1) the agenda can be customized to fit the needs of an individual state;

2) larger numbers of individuals from a state can participate at one time;  and

3) it is possible to guarantee confidentially for these discussions while it is not possible to guarantee confidentially in sessions that have people from other states. 


4. How does this course "Exploring Specialization and Regional Delivery in Extension" compare with the previous course called " Creating Your Own Regional Extension System?"

This course is essential the same course with two major modifications.  First, a fouth session was added, reflecting the need for more discussion about specialization prior to doing the force field analysis.  Second, the fee was increased from $150 per team, with additional fees of $50 per person up to five to $460 for a team of up to five, or $11.50 per participant per contact hour.  While originally I was not planning to offer this course this spring due to a number of other projects, I was convinced to offer it at this fee.


5. How have prior participants rated the course?

Ninety-four percent of those evaluating the course said they would recommend it to their peers (with 83% saying "yes, definitely" and 11% saying "yes" when asked if they would).  However, they did not know about the price increase when doing the survey - and neither did I.

More detail on the feedback survey will be posted soon.





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