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Leadership and trust

Great leaders are hard to find. Not all athletes are born with the gifts needed to lead a team. It takes a special type of individual to earn the trust of the team and the coach to be an effective leader. Often times coaches will chose more than one captain, this way the responsabilities of the captains can be disrtibuted evenly. Sometimes the coaches will leave it up to a team vote. It is important to choose great leaders to ensure the team is on the same page. "The quality of your team leaders an make or break your season"(Janssen 2004). One of the finest leaders recently seen was by the Name of Tim Tebow. His leadership over the course of his college carreer has been the pinacle of what a leader should be. His dedication, communication, and drive to create an atmoshere for the athletes has put him in a new category of excellence. His ability to create cohesion within the team and interact effectively in the pursuit of team goals and group satisfaction helped Florida become a football powerhouse. (Vealey 2005)

Having an excellent leader on the field/court/ice is like having an exrta coach in the game. Only this coach can realte to the other athletes better than the coach. The ability to understand the motivation of the athletes surrounding the captain(s) is a huge advantage to the leader(s). In the (pain and hardwood 2009) article mentions that having the team act cohesivly and communicte effectivly will make sure conflicts are dealt with properly. when the cohesion seems to fail, it is up to the coach to restore the balance in the leadership needed to succeed. From personal experience, we had a naturaly gifted athlete with unlimited potential. Although we was no the best choice for team captain the team voted him anyway. At first the team seemed to respond to this individual, but it took only one conflict to throw this individual off his rocker. That is why the best athletes are not alway the best leaders.

Often times it is up to coaches to help the ahtletes realize their potential as students, athletes, and more importatnly as leaders. Most high school athletes do not gon on to play college sports. That is why it is important for caoches to recognize the athletes natural leadership skills erly, so they can be developed before the real world. in the world of business, leadership is seen as a highly wanted skill. Those that can motivate all types of people have the "it" factor, and busnisess will go to great lenghts to obtain these types of individuals.

Nathan Morton

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