Nature vs. Nurture

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The Nature vs. Nurture Debate is one of the largest debates in psychology, and has been for many decades now. The 'Nature' side of the debate supports that the factor that is being evaluated is determined by genetics. The 'Nurture' side believes that the evaluated factor is determined by how the person(s) are brought up. This debate is important because it establishes multiple sets of ideas, which then help provide answers to psychological questions that might be on opposite ends of the spectrum.


For example: Is childhood obesity a factor of nature or nurture?

Well it is often argued as both. Some people are born with a genetic tendency of childhood obesity. And unfortunately, they can (in most cases) do nothing about. This is the 'Nature' side of the debate. The 'Nurture' side would be, for example, the child not being as active or being as healthy as they should be. This touches on the fact that the parents/guardians are at fault because of their lack of discipline of the child. In cases such as this, the child(ren) are often indoors playing video games and eating junk food instead of being active and playing outside, followed by a balanced, healthy meal. obesity.jpg

The following article touches on the relationship between nature and nurture of childhood obesity. While the author leans towards the side of nurture, she also discusses that nature is an active factor.

I agree with this author because although someone was born with an obesity gene, it doesn't necessarily mean that that person is unable to get and stay in shape. It's a matter of how much time and effort the person is willing to put in so that they can stay healthy, which is correlated with the nurture effect.

Because this claim is a statistic, by that I mean it's been proven in more than one instance, we would call it being a replicable claim. When a study such as this possesses replicability, it is generally accepted that the claim has ruled out rival hypotheses. Through these two concepts the claim has been examined through the critical thinking process.

So whether childhood obesity is obtained through nature, nurture or both is, for the most part, already distinguished. But everyone has their own opinion! What's yours?

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