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This is a picture of me, doing what I love to do, whenever the chilly Minnesota air permits. Camping! Anytime I can squeeze in a camping trip around my very busy schedule, I do. I love everything about the outdoors; the smells, the quiet, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs around a roaring campfire, and being able to clear my mind of all the busyness that I have left behind at home. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than lying on my back in the middle of nowhere, looking at the millions of bright stars that I would never be able to see if I were in Minneapolis. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Anyways, my name is Christina and I will be graduating from the U after this semester. I am an English major and a GWSS minor. I love school (I know, I’m a nerd) and hope to teach high school English when I graduate. Eventually though, I would like to become a professor. I work 2 jobs and go to school full-time, so I am a very busy bee! I obviously love camping, but I also love to read, write, rock climb, scuba dive, take pictures, and play with my cats! I am very interested in politics and love to listen to Minnesota Public Radio. I am very liberal and am hoping that Barack Obama becomes the next president. I’m very chatty once I get going, which is why this entry is getting to be so long.