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Hi there, my name is Madeline and I'm a 4th year student with a major in Journalism (I'm studying PR) and a minor in Political Science (focusing on American Government), and maybe GWSS in the future. I'm originally from Mahtomedi, MN and I transferred to the U from SCSU. I'd love to one day to work in political campaign management, specifically for women running for office, or in political crisis management. 

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Hi everyone, my name is Sin Cheng, Annie.  I post this assignment so late because I registered for this class late. I am an internation student from Hong Kong. I was born in Hong Kong and decided to go to college in the US after my high school graduation. This is my thrid year in the US! I went to college in San Fransico and then transfer here! I just arrived one month ago and I am really excited about the big campus and the new environment in Minnesota. My major is Economics and I have never taken other Women's Studies courses. So I am really excited about this class and hope to share a great time with you!

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Hello Everyone, my name is Erica Yang and I am a Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature major, and I am also currently looking into a GWSS minor. I hope to graduate this spring, but I do plan on going back to school to get my generals done for Optometry since it is my new passion!  Yes, it is a completely different field of work from what I have been studying, but I feel that it is the right direction for me.


My name is Kenna McCarey and I am currently begining my Senior and final year at the U. I began my undergraduate studies at the University of St. Thomas but after one year there decided to transfer in order to save money. I came here and ended up truly loveing the U of M. I am a Human Resource Development major and Human Resource Industrial Relations minor. I am interning for a small engineering consulting firm in HR downtown and enjoying living with five other girls off campus. I am really looking forward to the next couple years of life as this is such a time of the unkown and change. It will be exciting to see where we all end up!

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hello everybody.  My name is Stephanie Sarberg, I'm 21 years old and have finally made it to my senior year here at the U.  I'm a psychology major and plan on hopefully attending grad school after this year if all goes according to plan.  After that I would like to become a counseling psychologist.  I grew up in Minnesota, in a small town called Alexandria about 2 hours west of Minneapolis.  Ummm yea thats pretty much it for me!

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Hello everyone, my name is Sara Gomoll. I am (finally) a senior at the U, and plan to graduate with my psychology degree in the spring. I am a Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies minor, and I'm really excited that most of my classes this semester are requirements for GWSS. My freshman year I went to Boston University, and transferred here my sophomore year. I hope to live in Boston or Chicago after I graduate, but first have to figure out what kind of real world job I want. I was born in Denver, Colorado but lived in Pewaukee, Wisconsin from the time I was 4 until I left for college. This year marks the first year that I am excited to live where I am living. I reside in a house in the Como neighborhood with my boyfriend, my best friend, and a Norwegian foreign exchange student named Thomas. In my free time you will usually find me loitering at Espresso Royale or working downtown as a server at The Local. I am hopelessly addicted to Lost and Arrested Development (if it is possible to be addicted to a show that ended years ago and only has 2.5 seasons worth of episodes). In the future I would like to get my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, but I would like to take a few years off to travel and work before I sell my soul to five years of graduate school.

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My name is Rachel Butenhoff and I am from Hastings, MN. My major is Family Social Science, and my minors are GWSS and Family Violence Prevention. If everything goes right, I should be graduating this fall. Yippee! Prior to this class, I have taken Gender, Power & Everyday Life, Feminist Film Studies, and Feminist Perspectives on Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence; all of which were interesting and unique. I look forward to seeing what this class is all about.

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Hello! My name is Carly Sletten and I am a junior Journalism major. I am from Rapid City, South Dakota so I am pretty far from home. I have a younger brother who is a freshman at the U this fall. I currently live in St. Paul and as of right now am trying to find a job. I enjoy playing the piano and the saxophone as well as writing, cooking, and knitting in my spare time. I am very excited about this course and hope to have a fun time during the semester!


Hello, my name is desarae (dezee) walker and I'm currently starting my third year here at the university. I am a cultural anthropology major with a minor in art. I live in uptown, but will be moving to midtown here within a month. I moved to Minneapolis two years ago and grew up in Cambridge, Minnesota - which is exactly an hour north. I've been working at the Wedge Community Co-op for a year now and love every second of it. In my free time I like to read books by Marx, Meridel le Sueur, and so forth. Marxist theory is a big hobby of mine. I'm looking forward to class discussion in the future, see you tomorrow.

Blog Assignment 1-Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Emily Brunner.  I am a senior and will be graduating in December with a major in Strategic Communication and a minor in History.  I was born in New York, but moved to Minnesota as a very young girl, so I consider Burnsville, MN my hometown.  In addition to studying and taking this class, I work part-time at Campus Pizza and intern a couple of days a week at the Ramsey County Bar Association, where I am an Event Planning/Communications intern. I enjoy reading, shopping, and hanging out with friends. 

I am excited to meet you all and equally excited to see how this class overlaps with and relates to the Gender/Race/Class courses I am taking/have taken in the Sociology, History, and Journalism departments.

See you all tomorrow!   

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Hello! My name is Maleenia, and I have lived my entire life in the Twin Cities metro area and I love it more and more with each passing year. I am in my final year as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota working on B.S. in Geography and I am applying to graduate school in December. I have completed many courses that have covered the issues we will be discussing in this class and I never get tired of the subject. And, may I add I am so happy that Freud, Foucault, or Lecan are not on the course list. All of them have contributed greatly to my understanding of this subject matter, but I am so ready for some new material. Outside of school, I am a mother to two wonderful, beautiful children (Lucy and Noah) who never cease to amaze me and who have taught me more than a formal education ever could.

I look forward to getting to know everyone as the semester progresses!

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Hello all, my name is Mara Kapp. I was born in Seoul, Korea, but came to America as an infant. I have lived most of my life in St Paul, but I have spent time living in Brooklyn, New York. I transferred from MCAD to the UoMN 2 years ago. I am now a senior double majoring in Art and Art History. I haven't taken a women's studies course before this, so I am interested in how this will go. Well, I hope!

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Hello, my name is Elizabeth Salm.  This is my first blog post, here or elsewhere!  I'm a junior at the U, majoring Biochemistry and Neuroscience.  I grew up in Chippewa Falls, WI with my parents, older sister, and younger brother.  Currently I work at a lab on campus and also at the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company as a tour guide.  I live off-campus in a house with five friends, slowly discovering how annoying late the 16 is most of the time.  Although I can be shy at times, I'm looking forward to expressing myself in the group discussions.

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Hi, my name is Caitlin McDonald. I am 21 year old female, a long time vegetarian, and a full time student here at the U. It is my senior year and I am majoring in Sociology and minoring in Gender and Women's Sexuality Studies. Along with school, I also work full time at a hotel and part time at Lifetime Fitness in their child care center. I commute to the U from Eagan, which sometimes sucks, but I get some time to get some reading and people watching in on the light rail, so it could be worse.  I would like to some day work in the field of women's advocacy or do social work of some type, which is why I continually take GWSS and SOC courses. When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be a rock star, but wasn't born with any sort of musical talent, so I live vicariously through other musicians by frequently attending concerts (mainly classic rock...Eagles, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, just to name a few...I also like to dabble in the local alternative/hip hop scene). Aside from school and work, I enjoy doing Bikram yoga, drinking wine, and hanging out with my friends, family, and boyfriend.  Here's to a fantastic semester with all of you!


Hi.  I'm Jackie Kellett.  I am almost done obtaining a double major in Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies and the Sociology of Law, Criminology and Deviance.


Hi. I'm Max Schmetterer. I'm an English major and CSCL minor 4th year. I'm taking this class because gender studies is something that my major comes back to again and again, and I think understanding current theories on gender will help my creative writing.

I'm in the marching band. I like zombies and sushi and large dogs and thunderstorms and ice cream and hedgehogs and Norton anthologies and dark shades of blue and post-rock and Ray Bradbury. And other stuff. I spent May and June in London, studying pop culture and government. London's pretty cool. I wish we had the tube.


Hello, my name is Nicole and I am going to be a sophomore this year. I am from burnsville minnesota and play lacrosse for the U. I am planning to major in biology and attend med school. This is my first GWSS class but I am looking forward to learning something new this semester!


Hey Everyone,

My name is Ka Blia Lor, but I usually go by Kabs since it's shorter and easier to remember. I'm a third year transferred student from the University of Minnesota Duluth. It's been quite a change already and it's only been two days! So far I've realized a couple things that differ from both campuses. At the Twin Cities you get to see the sun and experience the weather. I know it probably doesn't sound like much of big deal but the buildings in Duluth are all connected so there's no need to go outside to get to one building. The only time that a person is outside is when they're waiting for the bus or going somewhere. So you can only imagine how many people are wearing shorts and skirts during the winter when it's below zero. Another thing that I noticed is that everyone at the Twin Cities Campus walks so fast! I feel extremely awkward and embarrassed about my walking pace because in Duluth everyone lazily walks to class. However, I'm learning to like the Twin Cities campus and I'm excited to meet new people.


Hi. My name is Pamela Myhre and I'm in my sixth year at the University of Minnesota.  I just recently finished my Psych major and in the process of doing so decided I wanted a Spanish major as here I am! This past spring I visited Mexico City where the family of my boyfriend live and I hope to one day move down there and teach English--it was a truly lifechanging experience! I also visited Argentina and Uruguay in the Study Abroad program--it was amazing (even though I couldn't understand anything because the Spanish was so incredibly different!) I've taken a Women's Lit course before and discovered I have a passion for women's studies...I also took a Sexuality and Culture class, a Chicano Studies class and all this led me to understand that I have a wierd passion for learning :) and gender studies is my next area to study and learn about. This semester is going to be rough but after I had some difficulty being able to afford school and finally working through it, I've learned (EVEN MORE SO) to appreciate school and what education does for individuals...hence I've been here for 6 years and besides for getting loans paid off with a real job, I would LOVE to stay in school for a lot longer...pretty sure I'm the lone soul out there who loves school :)

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Hi everyone!
My names Emily Daves and I'm from New Ulm, Minnesota- a very German town, west of Mankato. I am currently undecided about my major although I'm leaning towards history with a possible minor in German.  This is my first women's studies course and Im very excited!


Hello!  I'm Courtney, I'm a senior this year.  I'm a theatre major and a GWSS minor.  I spend almost all of my time at some theatre or another, I just finished a show that ran for four months.  I watch a lot of bad TV and eat a lot of bad Chinese food.  

I am really interested in exploring how language barriers effect those who come to this country, or to a new part of this country.  

If I could have any job in the world I would be an independent documentary film maker so I could travel and spend a few years on a topic and then move on to something totally different that interests me.  I would also be content to be a theatrical lighting designer, it is the perfect mix of science and art.  

Hello Everyone

My name is Xee Nyia Vue and I am a sophomore this year at the U of M. I am undecided about my major, but I am thinking about family social science as one of my choices. I am really excited to start class and hopefully get to know a few of you, if not everyone.


Hi, My Name is Heidi and i am a Sophomore  from Farmington, MN. This is my first gender and  women studies class at the University.I am very excited and looking forward to a great semester. 


 Hi, I'm Thanh Le, I'm 2nd semester sophomore majoring in computer science and Genetics + Cell development. I am really excited about getting to know the class and also all of you. To be honest, I didn't expect to be one of the only two guys in class :D but I hope this class would be a nice experience for all of us.

Introduction to GWSS 3002

Hello my name is Amanda Martin.  I grew up mostly in Drake, ND.  I'm a junior.  My major is Psychology, but unfortunately I am not quite sure what area I want to focus on.  I am really excited for this class! I transfered to the U of M from the College of St. Catherine's in St. Paul and I have taken similar classes and loved them.  I can't wait to meet all of you and I wish you a great semester.



Hi, my name is Rebekah. I am a  second semester sophomore majoring in Sociology of Law, Criminology and Deviance. My ultimate goal is to work with the DEA and become a narcotics officer. I am a transfer student to the U of M. It is a big change! I am from a very rural community in Wisconsin.  I am not definitely not used to riding the bus and the big city atmosphere. I have only been here a week, but I am loving it so far. Although it is hard being a transfer student and not knowing anyone, I hope it will start feeling like home. I have not taken any Women's Studies courses, but I am hoping to learn a lot in this class!


Hello, my name is Anna. I come from Fargo, ND. I'm a senior majoring in Linguistics and German. The U of M is my third school, and I'm looking forward to actually getting a degree from this one. This is my first Women's Studies course, and I'm very excited about it.

About me.

Hey! My name is Chelsey and I'm a sophomore. My major at the moment is Journalism with a possibility of a double minor in French and Management. My hometown is Thief River Falls, which is in Northwest Minnesota about six hours from Minneapolis. I have never taken any Gender/Women studies course before, however, I am very excited to learn more in the area. I'm often fascinated about the inequality between men and women in our society. It is especially obvious in my hometown. If you would like to know anything else just ask! Thanks. 
                                                                                                  Chelsey Knutson

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Hi! My name is Sam Kam. Yes, it rhymes and no, my parents did NOT plan it that way. I was born and raised in Blaine, MN. My major is Psychology with a focus on Forensic Psychology and I'm thinking about minoring in Sociology. I have taken two other Women's Studies Courses: Politics of Sex and an Intro to Women's Studies (up at UMD). Other than that, I love to just hang out on my free time (which is few and rare) up on my 40 acres or cuddled up with some good tea, a great movie, and even better company...

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Hi! My name is Kelly Dahlman and I am a senior studying Communications.  I was born and raised in Minneapolis and spent my freshman and sophomore years at Arizona State University.  I transferred to the University of Minnesota for school reasons and absolutely love being home and close to my friends and family.  I studied in Barcelona last spring semester and spent 6 months traveling around Europe.  I enjoy traveling, good food, good conversation, and spending time with my friends and family.  I am interested in this class because I have not taken any gender studies courses and I find them very interesting.  I am interested in the history of this topic but also the future and current social movements.  I look forward to this course and getting to know you all! Thanks!

About me

Hello! My name is Annie and I am originally from Pleasant Hill, California, but currently am a resident of Edina, Minnesota. I'm a junior (possibly) majoring in English. I have not taken any Women's Studies classes before, but my interest in this course stems from a class that briefly brushed up on feminist theory and thought. I'm very excited to learn a lot from Rebecca and my peers.  

What to Know about Me

Hey! I'm Cari, a sophomore, and majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I grew up in rural Nebraska and graduated with a class of 38 people. So you could say that it has been an adjustment for me by moving to the U of M. I chose UMN because it offers one of the best Biomedical Engineering programs in the Midwest. And I also like the cold. Hopefully the winters won't get too bad while I'm in school up here. J I'm looking forward to this class. It will definitely break up all the science and math that I am taking through my IT classes.

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My name is Katy and I grew up in Minnesota. For the first 8 years of my life I lived in a small town called Rockford, MN, but moved to Minneapolis and have lived here ever since. I am double majoring in History and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Poli Sci. I have taken many other GWSS courses, probably somewhere around 8 or 9. I am looking forward to this class; it will take me one step closer to completing my GWSS major.


Welcome to GWSS 3002 Gender, Race and Class: Women's Lives in the United States. Please introduce yourself to the class: where are you from, what's your major, have you taken other Women's Studies courses? Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

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