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Readings on Title IX for Tuesday October 27

For Tuesday's class, please look at the materials on this website:

You do not have to look at every page on the site, but please read the pages under the History link and explore the rest of the site, noting pages or resources that are of particular interest, or that are in some way problematic.

Course Packet and Thursday's Readings

The course packet IS available at Paradigm. Due to the delay, I will post Thursday's readings on the course website. In the Cohen, please read pp.437-52. 

Midterm Paper Writing Tips

If you are looking for guidance on writing an argumentative paper, I suggest that you check out the resources at "The OWL at Purdue." If you are still unclear on how to write an argumentative paper, consider scheduling an appointment with Student Writing Support.

Feminist Media Center Hours

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The Rachel Raimist Feminist Media Center is located in 468 Ford Hall.  We are open:

Monday -       12:30- 6:00
Tuesday -      12:15- 2:30
Wednesday -  10:00- 6:00
Thursday -     12:15- 2:30
Friday -          10:00- 12:00

We have 20 macs with iMovie, Final Cut, Garageband, Microsoft office, internet browsers, audio recording equipment, cables to upload video and pictures from your video/still cameras, and can help you use U blogs and other webvista tools.  

Unfortunately we cannot offer free printing to undergrads.  You may print fewer than 10 pages in our lab at a time.  

Thanks!  -Courtney