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Conference on Hip-Hop and Feminism

**** A Call for Workshop Proposals****

Voices Merging Presents:
From Vices to Verses: A New Era of Hip Hop & Action
Feminism, Youth, Politics, and Community Healing through Hip Hop
a Conference at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Friday-Sunday, April 9-11

*FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (Pre-Registration Required)* Registration
forms to follow.
Attendees will mainly be high school students, college students,
artists, activists, academics, teachers, community members and
community elders.

We invite activists, scholars and artists in all fields to propose
workshops. Specific topics/questions may include, but are not limited

Day 1: I Used to Love H.E.R.: 'Bringing back the love '
Where are women in Hip-Hop?
Do women have power in hip-hop?
Why do women listen to 'poker her face'?
Double standards for MCs? Who made the standards?
How did we get here?
Why is sexism so widely accepted in hip-hop?
Should we blame hip-hop?

Day 2: Remixing Borders Transgressing Generational & Cultural Boundaries
Can hip-hop be used to carry social movement?
How can youth be active through hip hop?
How do "they" (people, organizations, institutions) take advantage of
the youth in hip-hop?
How can we use hip-hop to empower the youth?
How do we address materialism in hip hop?
Is hip hop good for the youth?
How does hip-hop simultaneously define the identities of individuals
as well as the consciousness of masses?
How much responsibility do artists have?
In what ways has hip hop become a universal language? How does hip hop
help bridge cultural and racial divides?
Is the hip hop community global? How far does it reach? What is the
potential for connecting youth internationally?

Day 3: "Us" Community Healing & Hip Hop
Who or what is the hip-hop community?
What defines hip-hop?
How is hip hop is an extension of the Griot tradition?
What can hip hop do to help the community and what can the community
do to help hip hop?
What tools does hip hop give us to help the communities?
What issues do we need to address or re-address that affect our
How can we heal ourselves and our youth individually? How can we heal
our communities as a whole?
**Deadline: Tuesday, October 31st, 2009**
(Sorry for it being so soon!) We will be selecting a very limited
number of proposals and encourage everyone to save the date to be an

Send proposals to: (email is preferred)
Voices Merging at the University of MN
126 Coffman Union
300 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN
Please include a short description of each presentation and a one-page
bio/c.v. for each presenter.

Voices Merging
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Multicultural Student-Based Artist Coalition

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Comstock Lecture 11/5

Professor Rose Brewer will present the Fall 2009 Ada Comstock Distinguished Women Scholars Lecture on November 5, 2009. "Colorblind, Postracial, or Not? Exploring Race in the Obama Era" is the topic for the event in the Cowles Auditorium of the Hubert H Humphrey Center. Professor Brewer will share the results of her research and invite us all to become involved or re-involved as progressive social activists. The Ada Comstock award honors a University of Minnesota woman faculty member's exceptional research, scholarship, teaching, and leadership contributions via a public lecture. For more information about the Ada Comstock award visit the University of Minnesota Women's Center.

WSAC movie screening, this wednesday!

The Women Student Activist Collective is presenting it's second film from it's Global Women Series, LA BODA which tells the timeless story of a young woman's coming of age, while also confronting negative stereotypes of the migrant community with the real life biography of a Mexican-American family bridging the gap between countries and culture.

this Wednesday, September 30th @ 6pm
Coffman Union - Room 202

the next dates are October 14th & 28th.