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Artist Presentations

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Rineke Dijkstra

Use this list as a starting point to select an artist to do your 10 minute presentation on. You will need to give me your choice of artist on Wed. March 6th. Photography Now is also a great resource for looking up photographers.

Joel-Peter Witkin
Duane Michals
W. Eugene Smith
David Hockney
Man Ray
Cindy Sherman
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Gary Winogrand
Gregory Crewdson
Harry Callahan
Lewis Hine
Uta Barth
Abelardo Morell
Ansel Adams
Stephen Shore
Margaret Bourke-White
Sally Mann
Walker Evans
Lee Friedlander
Lewis Baltz
Diane Arbus
Alfred Steiglitz
Lewis Baltz
Robert Frank
Berenice Abbott
Mark Klett
Anna Atkins
Alice Austen
Paul Stand
Edward Weston
Robert Adams
Josef Sudek
Albert Renger-Patzsch
Andre Kertesz
Helen Levitt
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Lisette Model
Ralph E Meatyard
Alexander Rodchenko
Otto Steinert
Emmet Gowin
Aaron Siskind
Minor White
Jerry Uelsmann
Jim Brandenburg
William Henry Jackson
Katy Grannan
Penelope Umbrico
Francesca Woodman
Loretta Lux
Rineke Dijk­stra
Sebastiao Sal­gado

Assignment #2 - Holga

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Erin Antognoli

Assignment Sheet: Assignment 2.pdf

Holga Manual: holga-manual.pdf

PowerPoint: Assignment 2 Holga.ppt

Photography is Easy...

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