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Final Portfolio

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Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North - Fall, 2008

Assignment Sheet: FinalAssignment.pdf

Rubric: Rubric4.pdf

Powerpoint: FinalAssignmentInspiration.ppt


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Gregory Crewdson, from the series Twilight

A great site for general lighting info:

Fun, informative blog about lighting with portable flash units:

Artist Books

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Shelby Lee Adams, Paul with Rabbit, 2005

Please bring 2 artist books to class on Wed. March 13th. Use the list below to help in your search but choose any photographer working primarily in portraiture.

Alec Soth
Cindy Sherman
Sally Mann
Emmet Gowain
Rineke Dijkstra
Julia Margaret Cameron
Harry Callahan
Robert Frank
Nicholas Nixon
Laura McPhee
Nan Goldin
Lisette Model
Yusuf Karsh
Man Ray
Richard Avedon
Immogen Cunningham
Pierre et Gilles
Gregory Crewdson
Anna Gaskell
Lee Friedlander
August Sander
Herb Ritts
Annie Leibovitz
Katy Grannan
Robert Mapplethorpe
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Bill Brant
Philip Lorca diCorcia
Mary Ellen Mark
Francesca Woodman
Diane Arbus
Collier Schorr
Judith Joy Ross
Wing Young Huie
Loretta Lux
Anthony Goicolea
Justine Kurland
Yasumasa Morimura
Nikki S. Lee
Chris Verene
Herbert Tobias
Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison
Roger Ballen
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Richard Billingham
Jan Family
Tina Barney
Shelby Lee Adams

Assignment #3 -- Portraiture and Identity

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Cindy Sherman, Untitled #470, 2008

Assignment Sheet: Assignment3Spring2013_portrait.pdf

PowerPoint: SumAssignment3.ppt

Composite Cheat Sheet: CompositeTutorial.pdf

Online Composite Tutorial

High Pass Sharpening Cheat Sheet: HighPassCheatSheet.pdf

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