September 7, 2008

Self intro

.Hi everyone my name is Choua Moua and I'm a freshman this year at the University of Minnesota. I'm undecided about my major, but maybe go toward medical field. Or maybe it can be a whole different major I’m not sure. I have a daughter and she's three years old. She'll be going to head start soon so I'll be missing her a lot. The other thing about me is that I was married in Hmong culture way, but things didn’t work out and so that’s why I really want to take this class to find out information about boys and girls life.
About everyday life, power and gender; I'm looking forward to knowing a lot about girls and boys how they deal with an everyday life. The fact that power means a lot in everyone's life, I would like to know why this really matters so much. Why boys and girls are so different in every ways? What matters and don’t matter? To me gender is male and female.
In Hmong culture we as girls know that boys are more important then girls. That boy has a higher power then girls. I want to contract and compared an American everyday life and power to my culture. But at the same time I really don't know what we're going to study in this class. It can be a whole different subject of what I’m talking about or maybe similar I really don’t know. So I hope to find a lot of information about gender, power, and everyday life in this class. What does power and what is an everyday life mean to boys and girls in an America?