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One topic I would remember the most in five years from now is apophenia and pareidolia. Apophenia meant perceiving meaningful connections among unrelated and even random phenomena. Like for example if you were thinking of someone you haven't talk to in awhile and a few minutes later you can a phone call from them you might think it was a coincidence. Pareidolia on the other hand means seeing meaningful images in meaningless visual stimuli. Example of pareidolia are the face that appeared on mars in1976. It was thought to be a sign of the Martians but later on it was found out that it was just a crater and the way and angle the picture was taken at displayed a face like figure. These two topics will be most remembered by me because they seem to appear a lot in my life. Many times before I have often experience apophenia, mostly like the example, i would think of someone i haven't talked to in awhile and in a few minutes or so i would receive a message from them. Also ill remember apophenia due to the story in the book. It talked about the similarity between Lincoln and Kennedy's assassinations. I thought it was very interesting. Pareidolia seems to be in my everyday life. I experience it a lot, due to the internet. These two topics were really interesting to me and i would most likely remember them five years from now.

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