Getting your Dog interested in Frisbee

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This video shows a man trying to get his dog interested in the frisbee. In the video the trainer explains some methods in getting your dog interested. He explains that you should be in play-mode with your dog. Get low on the ground and be active with the dog. Also he says different dogs have different ways of getting excited, for example some dogs like it when you rub the frisbee on the ground, and others like aggressive play. Also, teaching should not be a task but more of a game to the dogs. This made me wonder, so when people teach their dogs, are the dogs really learning a task or is it just all a game in their head? The dog in the video, seems to be having fun while learning how to play frisbee at the same time. This also brings up another question, could you teach a dog how to perform a serious task for example saving someone, while using this form of teaching?

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