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The Astonish ME problem

I found this article really interesting in the fact that they took the designs to a deeper level. The designs have a deeper message then what is just shown at first glance. It is a great way to get the people to look more into the design. The book for heart surgery is a very unique way to design that book. the two holes through out the book to symbolize where they actually cut there patients. It is kinda creepy in a way but makes the book more meaningful to what it is trying to represent. i think this important in designs today to put a deeper meaning to the designs but don't loose the true meaning along the way.

What inspires me!

I get inspired by looking at other designers works. Wether it be on the internet or in person or even other students art works. Seeing other designs makes me want to be a designer even more and helps me get motivated to create work. I like seeing new things and then trying to incorporate it in to my work some how to change my work and make it better!



What i would like to KNOW about design!

The thing i would like to know about design is how to choose colors for what you are designing and using colors to to help your design work better.



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