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journal 7 may 3nd

Maybe a giant egg McMuffin this morning. Then had class till 4 and and then we got new TV to day. 55 in! Watched the movie avatar and ate pop corn then went to bed.

journal 6 may 2nd

woke up early and got everything packed up. need to leave for the cities so i could see my sister. Dad gave me some money for the ride back..SCORE!! arrived at my sister at around 5. The new babies name is Cole, pretty good looking kid. We ate some pasta and then i had to leave back for duluth. finally arrived here at 11 o'clock tonight. Got the kitten all settled in to the house and then am now going to bed. GOOD weekend.

P.s. no internet in the boondocks so i had to wait till to night to add the ones i wrote down.

journal 5 may 1st

Got to sleep in today, had to help girlfriend and family build a flower garden as a memorial for an uncle that died. Lots of digging but had fun. Also watched the canterbury open. My horse did not win but thats ok because it was only a 1 dollar bet. worked on the garden till dark and then got some papa murphy's pizza. Watche paranormal activity for the first time which was kinda scary.. not going to lie. then went to bed and "tried" to sleep.

journal 4 april 30th

Need to get up and go to work for a couple hours before i left for home with my girlfriend and other friend gabe. Left at 1 and had a very long 4 hour ride back to the small town olivia. we ended up buying a new kitten in St.Cloud pet store.! Once back in the boondocks we had a glass of wine and ate walleye at a restaurant with the rents and showed them the new cat. Me and girlfriend fell asleep on the couch with out new kitten watching ET :)

journal 3 april 29th

Woke up early to print out somethings, then went to class and came back to pack because i have to go home this weekend because my sister had a new baby. That is very exciting! i had to go to class again form 2 to 4 and then came back and did a little "celebrating with some buddies because we were all done for the week. we played some pong and listen to music went to bed around 1, but not before making a mid night snack of lucky charms!

journal 2 april 28th

Woke up at 11 then went to GD1, then to Technology design then figure drawing. It was the last day of figure drawing! i get really hungry on wednesdays because i have class from 12 till 8:45 p.m. so not alot of time to get something to eat so i brought sun chips and sunny delight to class. After class was done i had to write a paper and then went to sleep around 1.

journal 1 april 27th

woke up had a some toast and went to my economic class and played online texas hold'em for the first time and won the first 3 games, then had to work and then had class at 2 till 4 then went home and my roommates had the sega dream cast hooked up so we played the fishing game for about 2 hours which was actually really fun and then i made a jacks pizza and then just hung out till my girlfriend was done with work and then went to bed.

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