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Resources for creation sections 1 & 2

When you're putting in the info in sections 1 & 2 these resources will be handy:

1. The DDI schema - helps in case you get lost in repeating elements: http://webapp.icpsr.umich.edu/cocoon/DDI-STRUCTURE/Version2-1.xsd

2. The ICPSR Study description (if your file has one): http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/
2.1 Enter the ICPSR study number (on the first page of the documentation) and select "Study No" in the search field.
2.2 Wnen you get the results, click on "Description".

3. The full documentation file which will be in aggdata/INCOMING/xxxxx If you don't see anything that looks like your file, try looking in ICPSR-Studies in INCOMING.

4. To find the other people who've done data entry on the files, go to aggdata/METADATA/WORKING/amy/Excel/Amy_tracking.xls; list everyone associated...

Sandy and Amy K (although she's gone now till Spring Semester starts) have walked through this and can help...


It is possible to find the Geographic Unit in the ICPSR description under Scope of Study: Summary section. Find the smallest geographic location...