July 15, 2004

Voter Reg Goals and Timeline


- Ensure that 75% (approximately 30,000) of eligible UMTC students are registered to vote.

Timeline for Voter Registration project:

- Weekly tabling at UM Orientation Informational Fairs—this tabling is both to register incoming students to vote and to recruit volunteers to help register others (June-August)
- Tabling at LRT Grand Opening (June)
- Work with SPAC to recruit students to table around campus (July, August)
- Work with SPAC to reserve regular space and tables inside Coffman (July, August)
- Organize events for State Fair booth (July, August)
- Recruit volunteers to staff Vote for U booth at State Fair
- Identify professors of large, required courses and approach for permission to speak briefly with classes about registering to vote
- SPAC will have training by the Minnesota Participation Project on voter registration, voter education and how to conduct a survey (July 21).

August 26-September 6: State Fair. Vote for the U tabling throughout Fair.

September 7: First day of Fall Semester.

September 1-October 12:
- Voter registration tabling throughout campus (Washington Ave. bridge, Coffman, Northrop Mall
- Attend large classes to give class raps
- Organize events with Residence Hall groups
- Attend large events on campus to register students
- Continue to recruit and train volunteers

October 11: MTV’s Rock the Vote concert at UM. Presents a tremendous opportunity to register a large number of students all assembled in one place.

October 12: Deadline to pre-register to vote.

November 2: Election Day. Voters may register on same day to vote in elections.

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