July 15, 2004

Voter Ed Goals and Timeline


- Engage UM students in how politics affect their lives and educations—and how they can impact electoral politics—by organizing proxy candidate debates on campus. To be focused on candidates’ positions on issues especially important to students.

Timeline for Survey project:

- Identify and invite students interested in organizing debate (SPAC, HHH, PoliSci, etc.)
- Identify appropriate representatives from each statewide party organization
- Contact representatives to invite to participate in proxy debate
- Contact representatives from the student (i.e., University) affiliates of each party to also play role in debate
- Identify and invite moderator (Larry Jacobs?)

- Develop content for debate—coordinate with candidate survey team. Work in conjunction with moderator on this (at least vet content by moderator)
- Reserve location
- Make AV arrangements (recording, microphones, video, audio, etc.)
- Refreshments?
- Determine how publicity will be arranged

September: Contact local media (Strib, PP, Daily, MPR, TV) to alert them to this event—encourage them to run story ahead of time, in addition to showing up at event. Coordinate with Larry Jacobs on this.

First week of October: Aim to hold debate this week (not midterms, still allows students to register at debates, allows time to build-up/publicize after students return to campus).

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