July 15, 2004

Concert Goals and Timeline


- Host music concert in partnership with Rock the Vote.
- Draw attendance of at least 8,000 students
- Register 4,000 students to vote
- Get 2,000 students to pledge to vote for the U



-Meet with Meghan Vandeberg and Margaret Cahill of SAO and make list of necessary steps to planning a successful concert
-Obtain list of bands to play at the concert from Rock the Vote
-Recruit volunteers to help with concert preparations


-Finalize concert site
-Sign contract for the concert with Rock the Vote
-Obtain the necessary permits for the concert from the University, city of Minneapolis, etc.
-Contact local businesses and organizations about sponsoring booths, giveaways, and the concert itself
-Begin preparing advertising/promotion plan


-Outline plans for getting students to register to vote before or at the concert
-Set up tables to distribute tickets and register students to vote
-Complete advertising/promotion plan


-Initiate advertising and marketing for the concert
-Make final preparations for the concert

October 11:

-Concert is held

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