August 4, 2004

Volunteer Calendar

If you want to volunteer please contact Emily at 612-331-5346 or

Aug. 23-Sept. 1
2-3 people
Calling volunteers to fill volunteer slots.
These people will probably take volunteer lists and call on their own time. However, phone facilities and computers can be provided with ease.

Sept 7-8
2-5 people
Clip-boarding the UCard lines in order to register students standing in line. Come to the voter registration table in front of the Coffman bookstore to get your clipboard and a short orientation.
Times: TBD daytime

Sept. 7- 10
Sept. 13-17
Sept. 27-Oct. 1
Oct. 4- 8
1-4 people per tabling day
Tabling in the basement of Coffman Union (right in front of the Coffman bookstore) in order to register passing students
Times: 10am-2pm
These shifts can be divided up as needed (e.g. one person could do 10am-12pm and another 12-2pm)

Sept. 13-14
1-4 people per day
Tabling in Willey hall on the first floor (right next to the West Bank Skyway convenience store) in order to register passing students
Times: 10am-2pm (probably)

Sept. 15-16
1-4 people per day
Tabling in the St. Paul Student Center (exact location TBD) in order to register passing students
Times: 10am-2pm (probably)

Sept. 20- Oct. 1
2-3 people per classroom
(1 to talk, others to distribute info)
Classroom announcements (`class raps’) will involve going into classrooms where the professors have agreed to give up ~5-10 minutes of their class time so that we can register students to vote and talk a little bit about the importance of voting. Do not worry if you are not good at speaking in front of people, we also need people to hand out info and answer individual questions. There will be a optional training session with food and lots of info (and maybe even the major!)
Times: will depend on which classes we are able attend and our own schedule. Sign up if you are at all interested.

Oct. 11
50 people
Rock the Vote concert
People needed to register concert goers.
Times: TBD

Oct. 25- Nov. 1
2-6 people per night
GOTV (Get Out the Vote) calling. This will be phone bank style calling to remind people that the election is coming soon

Nov. 2
Election day!
If you want to help the to be determined GOTV (Get Out the Vote) efforts on election day please sing up and we will let you know more details later. We will be doing things like: standing near the Coffman Union polling place line to make sure everyone in line lives in that precinct, possibly some sort of big showy thing with mega phones or something saying, “hey! go vote!” (these are just ideas)


Click here to see the various voter registration volunteer opportunities. Check back from time to time as the calendar will be updated as the election approaches.

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If you want to volunteer please contact Emily at 612-331-5346 or

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July 15, 2004

Voter Reg Goals and Timeline


- Ensure that 75% (approximately 30,000) of eligible UMTC students are registered to vote.

Timeline for Voter Registration project:

- Weekly tabling at UM Orientation Informational Fairs—this tabling is both to register incoming students to vote and to recruit volunteers to help register others (June-August)
- Tabling at LRT Grand Opening (June)
- Work with SPAC to recruit students to table around campus (July, August)
- Work with SPAC to reserve regular space and tables inside Coffman (July, August)
- Organize events for State Fair booth (July, August)
- Recruit volunteers to staff Vote for U booth at State Fair
- Identify professors of large, required courses and approach for permission to speak briefly with classes about registering to vote
- SPAC will have training by the Minnesota Participation Project on voter registration, voter education and how to conduct a survey (July 21).

August 26-September 6: State Fair. Vote for the U tabling throughout Fair.

September 7: First day of Fall Semester.

September 1-October 12:
- Voter registration tabling throughout campus (Washington Ave. bridge, Coffman, Northrop Mall
- Attend large classes to give class raps
- Organize events with Residence Hall groups
- Attend large events on campus to register students
- Continue to recruit and train volunteers

October 11: MTV’s Rock the Vote concert at UM. Presents a tremendous opportunity to register a large number of students all assembled in one place.

October 12: Deadline to pre-register to vote.

November 2: Election Day. Voters may register on same day to vote in elections.

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