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Goneril Vs. Regan

In the beginning of the play, the two sisters seemed like they were joining together to take over for their father, King lear. However, as we all know, this was not the case in the end. The two sisters battled against each other not only for the land, but also for Edmund (which I thought was a little strange). This was interesting because it didn't really seem like Edmund was really interested in either of them. He just kind of went along with both of them and played both sides. This way, he kept both sisters happy. I don't think Edmund actually liked either of them at all. But it seemed like the sisters really thought that he was in love with them. This whole thing shows that the girls really don't know what relationships are all about. This is evident not only in this case, but also with their won husbands. Neither one of the girls was truely being faithful to their husband, and therefore don't really care about these men as people. They were both selfish from the beginning with the land, and they continued to be this way with Edmund.