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One of Shakespeare's best

I really liked the play King Lear. Although I truely believe it was a tradgety I also found certain parts of the play to be really funny, mainly when King Lear breached insanity. I liked that unlike many of Shakespeares plays this one was well organized and many of the characters had motives behind their actions rather than being completely irrational, that is until everyone starting killing and dieing randomly in the end. I thought the beginning of the play sounded almost like a fairy tale when King Lear asked his daughters to prove their love for him. But it was definately an intense, well thought out play. I liked that there were true characters that actually seemed good hearted like Albany, Edgar, and Cornelia. In many of Shakespeare's plays even the main characters aren't good people. I thought the rivalry betweent the sisters was interesting. The two seemed to have everything planned out so well until their jealousy and lust for more turned them against each other. I thought the role of a father was a definate key in this play as far as similarities between Gloucester and King Lear both choosing to support the very children (Edmund, Goneril, and Regan) that planned to ruin them. It shows that although they were good men they had poor judgement and didn't trust their most loving children.