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The Review


These are the passages that may or may not be covered on the exam. Alex told us that for each play, one or two passages will be represented. You’ll be asked to identify the speaker and the play. The starred (*) passages were noted in the review as important.
“and following? means the whole passage.

Taming of the Shrew
Induction I 127-134 Lord
Induction II 64-73 Christopher Sly
1.1.105-111 Gremio
1.2.27-31 Grumio
2.1.268-272 Petruccio
3.1.40-43 Bianca
4.1.169 Petruccio
3.2.8-20 Catherine*
5.2.150-158 Catherine*
4.3.106-113 Petruccio

Titus Andronicus
1.1.441-452 Tamora*
2.1.18-25 Aaron*
3.1.1-11 Titus
4.1.96-102 Aaron
5.1.124-144 Aaron*

Richard III
3.4.74-79 Richard
1.1.1 and following Richard *
5.7.7 Richard
4.1.77-84 Lady Anne
2.2.79-88 Duchess of York

Merchant of Venice
1.3.139-147 Shylock
2.7.64-68 Morocco
3.1.45 and following Shylock*
4.1.179 and following Portia*
5.1.299-306 Graziano

2.2.239 and following Hamlet*
1.3.75-81 Polonius
1.2.129 and following Hamlet*
2.1.88-92 Ophelia
1.5.167-181 Hamlet
3.1.149 and following Ophelia
4.7.149 and following Gertrude
5.2.302-304 Horatio
3.4.30-31 Hamlet
4.3.20-25 Hamlet

Troilus and Cressida
1.2.260-273 Cressida*
2.1.42-48 Thersites
3.2.170-183 Cressida*
4.7.136-142 Hector
5.2.137 and following Troilus

King Lear
1.1.35 and following King Lear*
1.2.1-22 Edmund*
1.4.267-281 King Lear
2.1.78-79 Gloucester
2.2.14-23 Kent
3.2.1-9 King Lear*
3.7.57-67 Gloucester
4.1.1-9 Edgar
4.6.95-103 King Lear
5.3.304-309 King Lear

1.2.400-406 Ariel
2.2.43-52 Stefano
3.2.83-90 Caliban*
4.1.146-163 Prospero*
Epilogue Prospero*

You’ll need to explain 3 passages, one from a comedy, one from a tragedy, and one from either the Tempest or Richard III.

For the essay, we discussed these topics, you can use any play to discuss the topics, but the ones I’ve listed were the ones that we discussed in the review:
-What defines a tragedy-do the plays fit neatly into the genres that they’ve been assigned?
-The role of the other as shown in Merchant of Venice, Tempest, Titus
-Homosexual love as shown in sonnets, merchant of Venice
-Role of Nature as shown in the Tempest, King Lear
-Christianity as shown in King Lear, merchant of Venice
-Role of women as in Taming of the Shrew
-Appearance vs. Reality like in taming of the shrew
-Revenge cycle
-Role of violence
-Familial relationships, especially father-son, father-daughter
-Love vs. Lust
-Shakespeare speaking to audience-epilogue in tempest, sonnets, Hamlet


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