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On A Fine Frenzy

Last night I attended the A Fine Frenzy concert at Varsity Theater in Dinkytown. Many aspects of the concert were amazing and unique to me. The band arrived on stage and immediately began playing their first song, without acknowledging the crowd. After completing the first song, “Come On, Come Out�, Alison (the lead singer) simply looked at the crowd, thanked them for their applause, giggled innocently, than began her next song. I was surprised how few words Alison shared with the crowd throughout the night. In fact, she surprised me every time she spoke. Her demeanor reminded me of Drew Barrymore; soft spoken, polite and always smiling playfully at one thing or another. She would make eye contact with her fellow band mates and let out a large, genuine smile. It was apparent she enjoyed the music she performed. She mentioned—in fact several times—how awesome Varsity Theater is and how much she loves Minneapolis.

The singer/songwriter/pianist is a unique individual. She drank tea between songs, not bottled water, not beer, tea. I must say I was nothing short of shocked when I saw that. The feeling placed in each song resonated through Alison’s body language. She danced to each song while strumming away on her piano, often jabbing her shoulder and shaking her head to the beat. Several times she would pull her face close to the keys when the beats were pounding and powerful then as the melody returned she would straighten her back and whimsically let her head fall back.

The band was awesome. Alison played the grand piano, a man in a top hat played the synthesis, and the third band mate played the drums, classical, slide and bass guitar. The three together had a terrific and unique sound. They played two amazing cover songs; “I Will Follow You Into the Dark� by Death Cab for Cutie and “Across the Universe� by the Beatles. Each fit the character of the band and their abilities perfectly.
The concert gave me a new found appreciation for A Fine Frenzy. I had always enjoyed their music, it is beautiful, however, extremely calm and at times too slow for me. However, after seeing their live performance and seeing the incredible amount of energy, love, and enjoyment of the band I think their music will be forever changed for me—in a great way. With the visual of Alison’s playful smile and bobbing shoulder in mind, I will no longer see the music as overly relaxing.