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Van Morrison, why so unknown?

I used to put Van Morrison in the same musical category as Van Halen and Metalica. I thought, maybe because of the similarity in the first name, that Van Morrison and Van Halen had a similar sound. I had not listened to Van Morrison’s music before last spring, or at least did not knowingly, and that was because I was under the (extremely false) impression that he played heavy metal music.

When I was hanging out in my friend Andy’s dorm room last spring my perception of him did a complete three sixty. We were just chilling, smoking a hookah, and listening to music when Bright Side of the Road began to play. I was instantly excited about the song and after learning it was sung by Van Morrison I went home and downloaded his greatest hits album. I was completely wrong about Van Morrison, his music is anything but heavy metal, in fact in the year since I was first introduced to Moondance and Brown Eyed Girl as songs performed by Van Morrison, I have fallen in love with him and his music.

His songs are mostly upbeat, full of energy, and extremely catchy. I love to sing them while I drive, while I shower, and while at parties. I’ve found that many people, like I did, know the music of Van Morrison but few actually know the tracks are by him or who he is. How is it possible to have so many successful hits, so many well known songs, but not be well known? He deserves all the credit in the world because he never fails to take my sour moods and reverse them.