Multiple Pedestrians Hurt in Crash Near Times Square

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Nearly 12 people were injured in a car crash near Times Square last night at 9 p.m.

One car rear ended another car causing the first car to flip into a group of pedestrians.

Eight people were taken to the hospital. Three are in critical condition and two others were treated on the scene for minor injuries.

No charges have been filed against the driver of the vehicle that caused the first crash.

Even though nothing has been approved for a third airport in Chicago, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. had an unofficial, and symbolic ground breaking ceremony in south suburban Peotone.

"Together we can and we will strengthen our common economic destiny," Jackson said to ABC 7 News Chicago.

The event also had about 200 protesters.

"To run the AG economy out of here for no reason just doesn't make sense," said farmer Robert Ogalla to ABC 7 News Chicago.

The project is supported by Governor Pat Quinn. Both United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel say there is no demand for a third airport in Chicago. This project would hurt the growth at O'Hare, they said to ABC 7 News Chicago.

According to ABC 7 News Chicago, Jackson says the airport would be funded privately by Canadian developer SNC-Lavalin. SNC-Lavalin has been under fire after being in connection with Moammar Gadhafi's son.

Humber Throws Perfect Game for White Sox

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Philip Humber threw the 21st perfect game in MLB history.

Humber is 29 years of age and had 29 MLB starts before this game. Last year he had a 9-9 record for the White Sox. Humber had 11 wins in the big leagues before his perfect game.

Humber threw 96 pitches in his first win of the season. He had 9 strikeouts in the Sox road win. The White Sox won 4-0 over the Seattle Mariners.

Humber is the seventh pitcher to throw a perfect game on the road.

"He was aggressive in the strike zone," said ESPN analyst Aaron Boone.

"He came to the ballpark just trying to win his first game of the season to keep this team over .500," said ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe. "Something like this could not only change the career of this guy but all of a sudden now the White Sox feel pretty good about their ball club."

Humber has been through a lot in his major league career. He was the third overall pick in 2004 by the New York Mets. He was traded to the Minnesota Twins in the Johan Santana deal. He underwent Tommy John surgery in 2005, according to NBC 5 Chicago.

"This is awesome," said Humber, according to NBC 5 Chicago. "I'm so thankful."

2 Dutch Trains were Involved in a Head-On Collision

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Two Dutch Commuter Trains were involved in a head-on collision in Amsterdam on Saturday.

The collision is still under investigation and the causes of the crash are still unknown.

According to The Globe and Mail, two separate investigations will see if human error or a mechanical fault led to the crash of both trains on the same track.

"We can't say anything about the reason of the crash yet," said Dutch Railways director Bert Meerstadt to Reuters. "That really has to be investigated first. Both trains have black boxes which will be examined and from there, the exact answers will be given. The timing is entirely in the hands of the investigating organizations. They will decide when to make the results public."

125 people were injured in the crash, according to Reuters. Of this number of people, 13 had major injuries and 43 were badly injured.

George Zimmerman's Bail Has Been Set in Martin Murder

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George Zimmerman's bail has been set at $150,000.

This bail was set at a bond hearing in Florida. He will not be released today because the conditions for his bail still have to be worked out but he will leave jail soon.

At the hearing, Zimmerman made an apology to Trayvon Martin's family.

"I am sorry for the loss of your son," said Zimmerman in video from the hearing from ABC 7 News Chicago. "I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am. And I did not know if he was armed or not."

In the court room, it appeared Zimmerman, the defendant, was wearing a bulletproof vest underneath his suit, according to ABC 7 News Chicago.

Zimmerman has to follow some rules put in place by Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Lester, Jr.
These rules include electronic monitoring GPS, no possession of firearms, no consumption of alcohol, and a curfew from 7 p.m. till 6 a.m.

He also can't contact the Martin Family directly or through an intermediary.

According to ABC 7 News, a photograph has been obtained on the same day as the hearing showing the back of Zimmerman's bloody head. This photo might be the first public evidence that backs up his account of the night.

Crush Wine Bar Has Wine and Great Food

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The goal of Crush Wine Bar is to create another option when it comes to dinner, where you can get great food and wine.

Jennifer Deutsch had this goal in mind when she made the jump from corporate America. According to she was doodling on a napkin when she dreamt up this wine bar.

Inside Crush, according to, there are two cozy window seats that easily seat four; a dancing gas fireplace and plenty of seats at the bar. There are also glittery chandeliers, and an original tin-pressed ceiling, which complements the dark purple walls, according to

The menu is currently constantly changing when it comes to both wines and food.

For every meal, there is a wine suggestion made to pair with the food.

According to, the wine list is broken down into the categories of "lighter style reds," "jammy goodness," and "sweet and fruity."

Deutsch is constantly planning for many events and promotions.

A Local Barber Relies on Regulars on Campus

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One-chair barbershops are uncommon for a lot of places but on campus on University Avenue Southeast this is quite normal.

At Pete Lebak Barber Stylist, Pete Lebak has haircuts for the flat rate of $12. He has been running this barber shop for 32 years.

Because of the Light Rail Construction, his business has declined with fewer of his regulars and no walk-ins.

"The light rail is killing all of us," Lebak said in an article for the Minnesota Daily. "It is beating us to death."

The barber keeps a red notebook of all his customers, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The barbershop doesn't have a cash register or a computer, according to the Minnesota Daily. The shop is filled with deer heads, old chairs and plants instead.

Lebak's shop hasn't really seen many changes since he first opened it. The newest additions include a collage of customer photos, and a collection of artifacts from Norway, which decorate the walls.

For Lebak, this isn't a job. He is a barber, but he also is a friend to all his customers.

"I really love the people; they're great," Lebak said to the Minnesota Daily. "You get to come here, talk to all your friends all day, they pay you, and you go home. [Friendship is] what this is all about."

This barber has customers from all over. One of them lives in Alexandria, Minn. and another lives in Wisconsin, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Lebak knows everything about his customers, including the names of their children, their childhoods and their jobs. According to the Minnesota Daily, he has known some for almost four decades.

He doesn't plan on going anywhere, even though business has declined with the construction of the Light Rail.

"I have gotten so much encouragement, I'm going to hang in here until they drag me out feet first or I get kicked out," said Lebak to the MInnesota Daily.

The Voice of the Gophers has collected a huge amount of sports memorabilia in his career with sports.

Dick Jonckowski calls himself the voice of the Gophers. He has been the public address announcer for men's basketball for the past 26 years and it is his 24th year with the baseball team. He has also spent 10 years as the PA announcer for Gophers football.

His passion for sports, according to the Minnesota Daily, can be seen in his basement. His basement has so much memorabilia that it could be described as a museum.

Nearly every square inch of his Shakopee house is covered with memorabilia. There is only one corner that doesn't match the pattern.

"He gives me credit and tells me the washer and dryer and the sewing machine are mine," said Arlene Jonckowski, Dick's wife of 46 years in a Minnesota Daily Article.

Besides that, the rest of the basement has bats, bobblehead dolls, jerseys, game programs, photos, banners, figurines, helmets, hockey sticks, and more memorabilia, according to the Minnesota Daily.

There is so much memorabilia, that their grown son's room has been converted to an extension of this museum. According to the Minnesota Daily, colorful pennants are on the ceiling, hundreds of bobble head dolls line the walls and the ceiling fan has sports logos as well.

For Jonckowski's 60th birthday, his wife and son gave him a bust of his head. Mrs. Jonckowski believes it took 10 months to complete.

"He loves himself so much that I figured what better way to keep yourself than to be able to look at yourself and to see the likeness of yourself, every day, day after day, and be overcome with it," she said to the Minnesota Daily.

FrozBroz Gives out Free Unique Ice Creams

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FrozBroz only makes two pints of ice cream per week and they give them away for free thanks to the internet.

Erik Powers and Ben Solberg still use the same ice cream machines that they played with a few years ago when they started making ice cream, according to the Minnesota Daily.

FrozBroz is known for their outrageous flavors. They have ritz cracker and bacon & egg ice cream, according to the Minnesota Daily Article. They are like Mesa Pizza with ice cream.

The duo met in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where they both were in Cub scouts. They then both came to Minneapolis and that is where the friendship truly took off.

Powers and Solberg meet ever Wednesday to talk about new flavors that they plan to try to make. They also talk about how they will increase their business. According to the Minnesota Daily, if they don't raise more money then they will have to continue giving their ice cream away for free.

The duo is currently raising money on the website Indiegogo.

FrozBroz plans to continue to stick to being as organic as possible with their ice cream.

"We make everything that goes in to the ice cream, and if we don't make it, it's something like a herb or a fruit that we try to source locally," said Solberg in an interview with the Minnesota Daily.

Damien Hirst Has quite the Show in England

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There is a huge amount of variety in an Englishman's art exhibit.

Damien Hirst, according to AP, has a new 14 room exhibit at the Tate Modern gallery in London.

Hirst is a Brit Art bad-boy, according to AP.

Some of his exhibits include items from pill bottles to surgical tools to cigarette butts arranged in glass display cases, according to AP.

In its own room is a human skull that is covered with more than 8,000 diamonds.

Another exhibit is white canvasses covered with butterfly pupae. They then hatch and the insects fly around the room.

This show is his first major U.K. retrospective, according to AP.

"I think I've been avoiding it because I was a bit scared," Hirst said in an AP article. "There is a huge feeling of mortality associated with it, so you have trepidation thinking about it."