Gingrich Plans to Scale Back Campaign

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Newt Gingrich plans to cut one third of his full-time staff and replace his campaign manager.

Gingrich also will not travel as much to the remaining states for primaries. His focus will now be on videos and social media to attract voters on the internet.

According to the Seattle Times, he has only won two state contests and is in third place for delegates.

Also according to the Seattle Times, he previously had a $16.5 million Super Pac from Sheldon Adelson and his family that is now gone. Adelson doesn't plan on giving any more.

It is tough to say which of his opponents will benefit from his downsizing. According to The Wall Street Journal, polls showed he would take five to seven percent in Wisconsin even though his wife was born there and one of his daughters lives there. Wisconsin votes on April 3. Also according to The Wall Street Journal, the polls in Pennsylvania show him taking six percent and eight percent support in the April 24 vote.

Gingrich plans to stay in the race until the Republican National Convention.

"Romney has to earn this," said Gingrich in a Wall Street Journal article. "It's not going to be given to him."

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