2 Dutch Trains were Involved in a Head-On Collision

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Two Dutch Commuter Trains were involved in a head-on collision in Amsterdam on Saturday.

The collision is still under investigation and the causes of the crash are still unknown.

According to The Globe and Mail, two separate investigations will see if human error or a mechanical fault led to the crash of both trains on the same track.

"We can't say anything about the reason of the crash yet," said Dutch Railways director Bert Meerstadt to Reuters. "That really has to be investigated first. Both trains have black boxes which will be examined and from there, the exact answers will be given. The timing is entirely in the hands of the investigating organizations. They will decide when to make the results public."

125 people were injured in the crash, according to Reuters. Of this number of people, 13 had major injuries and 43 were badly injured.

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