Crush Wine Bar Has Wine and Great Food

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The goal of Crush Wine Bar is to create another option when it comes to dinner, where you can get great food and wine.

Jennifer Deutsch had this goal in mind when she made the jump from corporate America. According to she was doodling on a napkin when she dreamt up this wine bar.

Inside Crush, according to, there are two cozy window seats that easily seat four; a dancing gas fireplace and plenty of seats at the bar. There are also glittery chandeliers, and an original tin-pressed ceiling, which complements the dark purple walls, according to

The menu is currently constantly changing when it comes to both wines and food.

For every meal, there is a wine suggestion made to pair with the food.

According to, the wine list is broken down into the categories of "lighter style reds," "jammy goodness," and "sweet and fruity."

Deutsch is constantly planning for many events and promotions.

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