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2 Dutch Trains were Involved in a Head-On Collision

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Two Dutch Commuter Trains were involved in a head-on collision in Amsterdam on Saturday.

The collision is still under investigation and the causes of the crash are still unknown.

According to The Globe and Mail, two separate investigations will see if human error or a mechanical fault led to the crash of both trains on the same track.

"We can't say anything about the reason of the crash yet," said Dutch Railways director Bert Meerstadt to Reuters. "That really has to be investigated first. Both trains have black boxes which will be examined and from there, the exact answers will be given. The timing is entirely in the hands of the investigating organizations. They will decide when to make the results public."

125 people were injured in the crash, according to Reuters. Of this number of people, 13 had major injuries and 43 were badly injured.

Damien Hirst Has quite the Show in England

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There is a huge amount of variety in an Englishman's art exhibit.

Damien Hirst, according to AP, has a new 14 room exhibit at the Tate Modern gallery in London.

Hirst is a Brit Art bad-boy, according to AP.

Some of his exhibits include items from pill bottles to surgical tools to cigarette butts arranged in glass display cases, according to AP.

In its own room is a human skull that is covered with more than 8,000 diamonds.

Another exhibit is white canvasses covered with butterfly pupae. They then hatch and the insects fly around the room.

This show is his first major U.K. retrospective, according to AP.

"I think I've been avoiding it because I was a bit scared," Hirst said in an AP article. "There is a huge feeling of mortality associated with it, so you have trepidation thinking about it."

Human Rights Watch Criticizes the Punishment of Women

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Human Rights Watch says in a news report titled I Had to Run Away that many women in Afghanistan have been imprisoned for 'moral crimes.'

These crimes also include running away from home and sex outside of marriage.

According to Kenneth Roth, the group's executive director, in an article for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the woman or girl is running away from domestic violence or forced marriage.

According to Al Jazeera, the report states that 400 women and girls need to be freed. The report also criticizes the government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, saying that they have failed to execute the obligations in accordance with international human rights law.

In the report, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, even if a women is raped, she is punished instead of the suspect.

"Afghanistan is the only Islamic government in the world that specifically criminalised running away," said Heather Barr, an Afghanistan researcher at the New York-based organization, in an Al Jazeera article.

A Former Mr. Universe Turns 100 Years Old

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Manohar Aich won the Mr. Universe Competition in 1952, a year after he took second place in the competition and just recently celebrated his 100th birthday in Kolkata, India.

He was born in the town of Comilla in Bengal and has had to overcome many obstacles to achieve success.

Aich, who is 4 foot 11 inches tall, started weight training after he joined the Royal Air Force under India's British colonial rulers in 1942. A few years later, he was put into jail for protesting against colonial oppression. His stint in jail was when he truly started training hard.

"In jail I used to practice on my own, without any equipment, sometimes for 12 hours in a day," said Aich in a Huffington Post Article.

Because of this he was given a special diet to help build his stamina while in the jail. Aich attributes his health to a simple diet of milk, fruits, vegetables, rice, lentils and fish. Also he doesn't smoke and he has never touched alcohol.

In 1947, India received its independence which led to his release from jail. But all was not well, Aich and his wife struggled with poverty. It was harder for him to practice his weight training habits and therefore did odd jobs to make a little more money on the side.

He won the "Mr. Hercules" contest in 1950 and because of this he had goals of achieving Mr. Universe.

Currently Aich helps his sons run a gym and fitness center where he also guides juveniles in body building.

Perseverance has been key for his success.

"I never allow any sort of tension to grip me. I had to struggle to earn money since my young days, but whatever the situation, I remained happy," Aich said in a Huffington Post Article.

What is Kony 2012?

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The "Kony 2012" video went live on March 5 and because of the video there have been many repercussions around the world in response.

According to Time, the 30-minute documentary about the Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony has been viewed more than 100 millions times in just under a week. This video has become the most viral video in history. The video has been translated and subtitle versions are available in Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.

The reason the video went viral so quickly is largely based on Invisible Children's strong base of followers on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. The organization also had social media in mind when they made the video.

Even though the video has reached a huge amount of viewers there has been a lot of criticism about the organization. Kony's victims especially like the video but some believe it is too little, too late.

"What is this going to help? Kony cut off my arm, will the video bring it back? Where were these groups when we were being killed by Kony?" said Angella Atim, referring to Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony in an Sky News article.

According to Sky News, Ugandan forces drove LRA fighters out of the country in 2006. Now they are currently in South Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they continue to be a problem.

The film and the organization is also being criticized for the use of the funds raised. According to Sky News, 70 percent or more by some accounts are being used for salaries, travel expenses, and filmmaking over charitable work.

Because of the criticism on the film's methods and messages the organization Invisible Children planned to release a new video today in response according to National Post.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Invisible Children spoke about the criticism.

"There's nothing to hide -- Invisible Children has been transparent since 2004 when we started," said Ben Keesey, the group's chief executive, in an interview Sunday night on "CNN Newsroom." "That's our intention and we want to show that this campaign is part of a model and strategy that's comprehensive."

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