For the first assignment, the objective was to innovate a new cookie. I spent a better part of the first day thinking about cookies I've eaten and why I've liked them, as well as food/flavor combinations. Then, I got this fortune cookie which I thought was appropriate. IMG_2243.jpg

Since I didn't have any ingredients at home, I went shopping!

I started by buying things that sounded good/interesting and ingredients necessary to hold a cookie together. This was a very interesting shopping trip! (Not exactly what you'd call very healthy either...)


Step 1 was to buy a lot of stuff. Next was to flavor bounce and taste test the different flavor ingredients that I had.
I chose to narrow down the ingredients used in my cookie first so that I could adjust ratios of the final ingredients without consuming 50 cookies. I did this by trying multiple different ingredients together.
One of the most interesting I tried was grilled mango marinated in mango curry sauce, marshmallow fluff, toasted coconut, and macadamia nuts. Interesting... but not exactly the cookie I'd want to eat again.

For my final ingredient list I chose fresh ginger root, green ginger tea, toasted coconut, and brown sugar. IMG_2248.jpg
Then I added flour to hold the cookie together. I tried a few different ratios to make sure it held together without being gummy. I also tried different ratios of each ingredient to get the best flavor combination. I topped the cookies with different ingredients as well to see which I liked the best, - macadamia nuts, toasted coconut, and plain- . IMG_2255.jpg

I had a few friends volunteer to try these three variations and vote on which their favorite was. The vote was unanimous for the toasted coconut, ginger, and brown sugar cookie! I will be bringing that final recipe to class tomorrow and it's as follows.
Ginger, Toasted Coconut, & Brown Sugar Cookie
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Take a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/3 cup of warm ginger tea and combine. Let sit until sugar is all dissolved. Add 2 Tbsp. of minced fresh ginger and let rest for 10 minutes. Toast 1 cup of coconut in 350 degree oven until golden brown. Add 3/4 cup of toasted coconut to brown sugar and ginger mixture. Reserve 1/4 to use as topping. Add 1/3 cup of flour, mix. Divide into equal portions and put on an ungreased cookie sheet. Top with remaining toasted coconut. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown around the edges. Cool slightly and enjoy!

What I feel makes this cookie creative is that I went through multiple taste tests, used different flavor bouncing combinations, and tried slight variations on iterations of the cookie ratios. I also was able to eliminate ingredients and look at them as "mistakes". I had friends help test, evaluate, and compare the different options. The final cookie is one that doesn't show up when I Google the main ingredients and the word "cookie" so a wide-published recipe of it doesn't exist, which most likely means it isn't a common cookie. The final cookie is one that I'd definitely want to eat again! It's also one that the flavors themselves sound intriguing, meaning I'd buy it at the store without knowing how it tastes. This means it has value.

I look forward to trying cookies in class tomorrow!

Oct. 28 10 AM
I have added 1/4 cup of butter to make "lace" cookies. It happened on accident, but totally worth it. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside... yummmm.


I thought you did a great job of iterating and trying different ideas once you got the ingredients and actually started cooking. The idea to combine flavors on just a spoon was a creative, fast way to sample lots of combinations in a small time frame. Plus, the cookies sound delicious!

One question I had was on the early stages of your process. You mentioned that you spent time thinking about the cookies you liked and why, but these insights never emerged in your cookie-making process. It looked like you threw out those insights and bought a random assortment of ingredients from the store instead. I'm curious if trusting in your early self-reflection would have reduced your "mistakes" later in the process.

Katie, you did a wonderful job really guiding me through your creative process with your blog. I liked how wide of a range of flavors you had experimented with. It was also nice that you had a mind map and that you used human test subjects! Your cookie flavors ended up being very inventive and creative! I wish I tried your cookie even though I don't like coconut, because your blog has convinced me they'd be delicious.

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