This entry could also be titled "the night I watched too much Ellen and gave myself a stomachache"... seems a little to wordy though. To get myself in the creative mood, I started by watching some vines on and then proceeded to youtube where I thought it'd be funny to watch Ellen scaring people or sending them elsewhere and watching them get scared.

Then, Ellen talks with this adorable old lady from Austin, TX.

She doesn't get scared... but she has probably one of the best confessions -EVER-.

Well, by that time I was lost in youtube world and homework part 2 and 3 wasn't getting done. I was having a great time though! My sister and her friend Michelle came over to figure out what I was laughing so hard at... Andy's neck in the one video completely disappears and I found it quite hilarious. So did they. Maybe you will too.

I managed to get a "Winter" mind map made!
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I had a hard time trying to make "silly" ideas at first. I kept wanting to make something that was a potential "marketable" product. Then I realized I was being to serious and tried to make some products that would make me laugh. The subcategories I used were "Winter Bonfire", "Winter Sports", "Winter Clothing", and "Winter Snow Removal". Many of them contained the "bonfire" aspect of winter that can be found in my mind map. It seemed like a very good way to solve the snow/ice problem because it would melt the snow instead of having to shove it around and make snow piles. The "sport" subcategory influenced two of my products. They could possibly be used in the next Winter Olympics! The "snow removal" category played a fairly large part because I feel that is one of the most annoying parts of winter. The "clothing" category is one of the most interesting to me because it has the potential to work with smart clothing. It is also one of the subcategories that I would benefit from the most during my cold, somewhat lengthy commute to school.

I also wanted to incorporate the holidays into my product ideas.


For all these images, you -should- be able to click on them to make them larger. It worked when I tried it so, X fingers crossed X!

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, even if I did get sidetracked a few times. YouTube can be a bottomless pit of time wasting...


The videos to your blog add a nice touch and make the experience of reviewing it very entertaining! I love Ellen! I like how you touched on the beginning stages of your idea generation, and then consciously switched your ideas to be more "out there". Your blog is also well organized and the photos are a good size, which makes it easy to scroll through and back through while I review it!
The main suggestions I came up with were to maybe add a description of each idea underneath the photos, maybe touch on what it does or how you came up with it! The other would be to explore more aspects of winter instead of sticking with "fire" for so many ideas, maybe lazers for heat or sparks to tie back to the bonfire theme!
Overall good attention to detail on the mind map, and cool sub categories (I didn't think of bonfires at all when making mine!)

Oh my goodness, I LOVE ELLEN! I have watched "Andy and Amy's Haunted House" over and over. I thought it was a smart idea to watch Ellen, she's hilarious! I really liked your mind map, you had a lot of ideas. I didn't even think of "vacation" so I thought that was really unique. Although, I think that it would have been beneficial if your mind map was built into your blog so we didn't have to click off the page to view it.

It was very interesting how you connected your ideas from your mind maps into the products. I thought it was good that you explained why you thought of them initially. To take it further, it might have been helpful to give some descriptions of the products before or after each picture. Branching off a little bit might have been helpful as well. Having some variation instead of using the same thing on multiple products would have probably helped you come up with some really unique ideas.

Overall, you did a good job. I really enjoyed your incorporation of flames, that didn't even cross my mind. Also, "iMittens" would be awesome. I'm constantly taking my hands out of my gloves/mittens to play around with my iPod so those would be great!

I enjoyed how you used themes in your products, even though you didn't state outright what your brainstorming process was, the progression of products made it clear. I think it would have been helpful to add more descriptions about each product and your process of getting there.

I totally sympathize with wanting to make things practical, and I think you did a good job with making silly things that could potentially turn into something more. Well done with that! I really like your musical clothing options, especially the headphone earmuffs.

Your mind map could have used a little more color and drawings, but overall good job.

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