Assignment 7

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For the last assignment I made a Pugh Chart-
pugh chart.pdf

I ranked everything using 6 criteria:
1. Am I competent?
2. Is there a clear need?
3. Can I communicate it clearly?
4. Is this emphasizing my strengths?
5. Are there good market opportunities?
6. Is it "novel"?

According to my findings, the best product to go forward with is "Snowboard Shoes", because it received the most +'s and it's something that I feel would be fun to work on.

I wanted to do a little more research on what makes them lock together and looked at different sliding and locking mechanisms. I also looked at different types of latches. Neither of these led to any results worth pursuing. I then thought about smart clothing technology and how I could make "Snowboard Shoes" work. I had previously thought about using a remote button release in a mitten, but there were concerns expressed about accidentally releasing the mechanism while riding the snowboard. Placing the release button on the snowboard goggles would make it a lot more difficult to accidentally activate it.

The foreseen weak spot of this product would be a literal 'weak spot' in the board. It would be right in the middle, where a majority of the force is applied. A snowboard is essentially a bridge between your two feet which means that compression, tension, and torsion act upon it constantly. This led to me deciding that this product would better be left uninvented. I then moved on to product which received the next highest number of +'s, the RoboBoots. I'm not as competent in the programming part which led to me giving it a minus on the Pugh chart. However, this is something I'd be more than willing to learn the mechanism of how it would work. I thought that the release button in the snowboard goggles would still be a good idea, but there'd be an emergency release on the snowboard bindings so there's a backup in case of an issue. The boots would be bound to the board by having holes in the bottom sides of the boots that metallic pegs can interlock into. I chose the name "Yuki Boots" because Yuki is the Japanese word for snow (and Japanese is my favorite language). It's easy to pronounce while adding an element of intrigue.

Yuki Boot interlocking concept
Yuki Boot Elevator Pitch

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Your pugh chart was a little confusing. You have drawings of the products, but no names. Not sure what you are comparing everything else too!

Also, you're video doesn't work.

I like the idea of any kind of snow/ski boot that works better. Why are ski boots so uncomfortable and snow board boats so comfortable. Is there are way to make a new ski boot? The pin mechanism, if I'm understanding it correctly, could be challenging because what happens if snow gets stuck in the hole like ice? I've seen that multiple times with boarders I ride with.

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