What is Justice?

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005.JPG Hello, I am Alexis (Mueller). I am from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, just twenty minutes from the cities. I am a freshman, in the CFANs college. I hope to be a dentist one day. I really love this picture. It is my younger sister, Ashley and I in Stillwater in front of the St. Croix river. It was taken during the summer. I think this represents a part of me because I love the outside, especially during summer. Also I enjoy spending time with my sister.

What is Justice? To me, justice is fairness. For every action good or bad, there is a consequence. I believe that if a crime is committed for example, justice (depending on the crime) would be jail, or fines. It could really range from something to something big. I think that to have a fair and equal society, we need justice.

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