February 14, 2008


I'm guessing that at least half the class will title their blog for today, Happy Valentine's Day! The only think I fully appreciated for today was Kelsey's double chocolate brownies. The aphrodisiac of a lifetime! (the brownies, I mean). About a month ago, I made a whole pan of Ghirardelli walnut brownies, and ate the whole freaking thing in nine days.

Don't judge me, I love chocolate. Who doesn't? I never eat candy, I hate Skittles, Starbursts, SweetTarts, Jolly Ranchers. Any candy that is fruity, I hate. I feel more strongly with my tastes in sweets than I do about my country and the election that is going on. Excuse? I think not. You can't taste politics, you can't taste the rainbow. But cocoa beans? circle YES

I talked with Elisa and Danielle today in class and something about the conversations struck me in an odd way. I won't go into much detail about their personal lives, but it surrounded the topic of it being Valentine's Day. When I get engaged or married, am I obligated to buy/plan something for my sweetheart on this day? Can't I just seduce him all the other 364 days of the year and take a break on Valentine's Day? Today is SO overrated. Agree with me here.

I went to work today, cooked at home and then crashed.

Parking $3.75