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This will take some getting used to. I only have classes two days/week. And so, today is the start to a long weekend. Four full days! Of course, there is work. The two put together makes them seem totally part-time. I feel like I don't have much to do. Full-time student and two, part-time jobs. Shouldn't I be busier than I claim to be?

I didn't spend any money today. But I did cook a lot at home for dinner. Ma-po tofu (minus the pork) seung-tong gai choy, and some fried rice for dinner. I used the stove for a long time and washed the dishes for a long time too. Set-up and clean-up took 3x the amount of time to eat the freaking food. But it was worth it. (If you read the book by Bunny Crumpacker titled "The Sex Life of Food" it will put this whole thing into perspective, honest).

Total: $0

Things to do:
• restaurant menus
• internship projects
• finalize Capstone