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Parking $3.75

Printing $3

Gasoline $30

Today's discussion was an interesting one. Granted, it was the first one of a long chain of discussions in the future, but I think it went pretty well. I like to learn about what my classmates are thinking. Afterall, I barely know any of them because we've only shared classes together. It's fun to hear what their stance is on ethical questions or moral decisions. I thought the references to the Holocaust and Mein Kampf were relevent and interesting. I think it's important not to use analogies too much when tying to make connections with ethical questions. When am I ever going to have the "chance" to sacrifice a fat man in order to save a train-load of kids? Never. So how can that analogy be applied to a graphic designer's work and decisions?

I'm so tired.

Total: $36.75