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Today is the last day of 2007 for us Chinese people. So, we ate a my paternal grandmother's house for a feast. My cousins came, and my niece. The only reason why I will not move out to Cali after graduation is because of my niece Olivia. If I move away, I won't see her as often. She will grow and learn to walk and talk, eat solid foods and read books without me, if I decide to leave.

Crossroads are such a difficult place to be in. I could go on to grad school, or find a job after graduation, or study abroad, or just travel abroad, or work abroad. I could just move away and find a job completely out of the graphic design realm, or stay in MN and be close to home and my family. The pros and cons list idea has never worked with me. I never know what to do. This is one of the most difficult decision to make. My decision will decide what will happen after graduation, and that place is a big grey area for me. Like a bitmap.

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