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Postmodern Corporatism

Holy f*

I just stayed up all night. I went to bed at 5 AM for a nap. Then I left at 7:15 AM to take my gramma downtown for her exam. In some wierd way, it felt good to be able to navigate my way downtown. When I was younger, I thought to myself, "Man, I'll never know my way around the Twin Cities. I can't even tell North from South!" I'm sure some of you feel the same way sometimes. Or, at least, you did when you were younger.

So there are about 15 chairs in the windowless waiting room as I waited for my grandma while she was meeting with the doctor. I figured it would take at least one hour, so I decided to sleep. The chairs were all regular chairs with skinny wooden arm rests. They were the kind of chairs that are impossible to line in a row and stretch out across them for a nap. Highly unsuitable for such action.

But, there was this one particular chair which was EXTRA wide. I mean, it looked like all the other ones in color and shape and overall general form. But this one was definitely wider. So, I curled up in a ball and fit myself directly between the thin wooden armrests. I dozed more than I actually slept, of course. But nonetheless, it was rest after a long evening/morning of GD4 work.

What was funny was that more patients began to enter and sit around me. I could feel eyes all over me. And then a nurse came and kept calling "Jen? Jennie?" Jeannie? JEN??" I bet everyone was thinking, "Ohp! it's that girl over there, she's sleeping. She'll probably miss her appointment, sucks to be her." Of course, I'm not Jeannie, or Jen, or Jennie.

I went home to finish my project and went to print it at Office Max in Coon Rapids.

f* cost me : $48.36
to print

Then I went to Target with my Mom (she paid for most of the things). I got bread, milk, orange juice, cereal. I have been buying the same things over and over. I have the receipt. Like the things I just listed. It makes it seem as if I ONLY eat those things. I live off of dairy products, breads and cereals and big-leaf Chinese veggies. It makes me feel good.

Target $52.25

Then I bought a CD at Best Buy with my Dad. Madeline Peyroux. I've wanted it for a long time but couldn't seem to justify spending $15 on a CD. But Dad had a coupon of $5 so the CD cost me


which is still expensive. I don't know why. I feel that $10 on an album is better than $15. But if an album was $7, then it'd be a bargain. I buy CDs for two reasons: I like looking at album art/design. Second, the sound is better. I guess there's a third. I don't really know how to download music from the web. I know, you're saying, "It's super easy, and you probably won't get caught doing it." Yeah, but still. If I were a musician or artist, I'd want people to BUY my music. But what is a song worth? Just as much as a painting? A tangible, touchable thing? It's just a song, it goes into my ears and soaks into my brain and veins but what is it really? Postmodern. That's it. Oh, and corporate. Postmodern corporatism.

Total: $111.25