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The [un]Wise Cup

white porcelain mug

15ct Xacto blades

driving juice


Total $41.62
So, I went to Target yesterday, to do some preliminary shopping in prep for the $2 shopping spree. I really didn't want to buy junk, and there are seriously, things in the store that I really wanted. But these are things that I couldn't justify buying on a regular visit to the store. Take this white, simple porcelain mug for example. I really like cups. I think they're beautiful. I think they make the drink taste a while freaking lot better. If the cup is pretty, then the drink must be delicious. I totally buy into that.

And it's sad. It's horrible. What about the Indian Jones movie and the Last Crusade? (Which, by the way, is an f* awesome movie. I can't wait until the 89 year old Harrison Ford comes out with the new on this summer? Holy cow, it better be freaking awesome as the last three). Anyway, so the Cup of Christ, in the movie, (I really don't know much about this religion so I'm basing this off of a movie, probably not very accurate, but anyhow, how accurate is the Bible? I'm not trying to contest something I don't understand, I'm just expressing my views), this cup was the crappiest of all and held life because Ford had "Chosen wisely." Am I not also choosing wisely? Because I pick the most beautiful cup of all (strictly in my opinion and standards of ornamental beauty), does it mean that I'm shallow and have chosen "unwisely?" I'm so confused. My eyes hurt.

I also got blades and gasoline. I hate commuting sometimes. My wrists hurt.